Caller Shares Intel in Following One America News & RSBN


Were asking where we get our news from. So on April 6th, when direct TV quick carrion, one American news network, I quit carrying them. And for 5 bucks a month, you can stream them on any device. You have, and I also like to mention that they had this little app as you can put on your phone called OAN audio, which is free, and you can listen. To broadcasting over their guests now. It's Internet. It used to be satellite, but now it's Internet. So one American news network and another one called RSV, right side broadcasting and they also, they cover all the Trump rally. He's start to finish. Is there not they don't broadcast live all day long, but you can go back and watch a lot of different news programs and Trump rallies and things like that. And they're available. Both of them are available over the Roku, I guess fire stick to. I don't know how that works. But anyway, that's where I get mine from.

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