Nadler defeats Maloney in battle of top House Democrats


Congressman Jerry Nadler has defeated congresswoman Carolyn maloney in a democratic primary after a court forced the two veteran lawmakers into the same New York City district I'm Ben Thomas with some background Nadler has spent 30 years representing Manhattan's upper west side maloney 30 years representing Manhattan's upper east side Residents of those neighborhoods claimed distinct identities but New York's new 12th district spans Central Park linking the two iconic neighborhoods both have held powerful positions in Congress Nadler the chair of the House judiciary committee twice leading fights to impeach former president Trump Maloney the first woman to chair the House oversight and reform committee She fought for government aid for those sickened by the toxic clouds produced by the September 11th attacks in his victory speech Nadler noted how he and maloney have spent much of their adult lives working together And thanked her for decades of service to New York City I'm Ben Thomas

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