Heat wave breaks in Southern California with spotty rain


The wildfires in Southern California are feeling the lingering effects of what was hurricane K which quickly weakened into a tropical storm by the time it reached the state Right now there are 12 active wildfires since Cal fire's Isaac Sanchez and hurricane K helped battle blazes in the southern part of the state It did bring higher humidities and of course that's always a blessing when it comes to buyers But not in the north the mosquito fire near Sacramento so residents like Deborah fleeing We evacuated in my husband had two different shoes on While James Lowry stayed behind and was using a garden hose to spray down structures We've been fighting it all night My brother was right there last night when the fire jumped the line on mosquito Reggie came up on those streets And the flames were 300 feet in the air the trees were exploding The mosquito fire is the largest in California with over 33,000 acres burning as of Saturday morning and zero containment I'm Julie Walker

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