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The thing that I do not come through ish in either. Hey money. How you doing? It's more McGhee here. Now, I wanna talk to your quick about the card about about your team. In fact, let let's get into your team a little bit. Now, you were originally signed to ring star promotions, you were there fifth fighter signed by Richard Schaefer. But the Leo Margolis Cardi fought on this weekend. I believe that was what it was. It was worse. Boxing card talked a little bit about how your fight come together. Who's making the moose for you? Who's making the decisions who's presenting you with these fights. You know, what say it was pulling the strings not like that. But basically who's presenting you with these things who was talking to you about your future. What are they saying? Will ring star. I'm I'm still trying to them. And luckily, richer Schaefer, it he she pushes to have me on different platforms. They could get me out there. More to be completely honest with you. I'm not one hundred percent, sure. What goes on behind the scenes when I get the call. They tell me what's going on let my team know and stuff like that. And really just wherever they tell us. I'm supposed to be fighting it. I just make sure that I'm training hard. So whenever I get that call. I'm ready. I wish I had to answer for you. I'm sorry. But as just a little bit over my head. I I wish I knew, but it's just whenever they tell us aid money ever fight here. Okay. This is finding like when they told me, I was fighting pairs originally signed. The ring star Richard told me we're going to try to get you on as many different platforms, including the countries as possible. And luckily, I was able to fight him. Twice and fight in London in the open arena last year that was amazing experience. But I'm not a hundred percent, sure. What goes on behind the scenes in terms of the business aspect of it? But well, let's talk about it. Like this money. I'm happy with. Let's go ahead. Go ahead. I was gonna say money as seems like you taking the changes in fighting or the actually the locations in fighting fairly. Well, but does that make it hard to stay prepared? Or do you really have to live that kind of cliche? You know, stay ready. So you don't have to get ready. I'm not done a lot of you guys when euro pretty young in your career Steele..

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