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Over the sidewalks and into people's homes today a stretch of highway one a one near sausalito had several lanes shut down due to a mudslide this morning. The covered parts of the freeway during the morning commute and in the burn scar areas of California people are being warned to be prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice. Due to the possibility of mudslides and debris flows. George Sampson, NewsRadio KFB K and one of our trained weather spotters. The national weather service reports has now registered fifty mile an hour winds in the city of San Francisco actually in San Francisco, proper fifty mile an hour winds. We'll be watching this for you, a twelve miles of trail in northern desolation wilderness. A section of the program. Trail will continue to see restoration efforts with an eight thousand dollar match grant from the title fund. It's very well. Loved and over the years from people using it and from big winter storms the last couple of years just kind of degraded over time. And that's CEO of the Tahoe fund Amy berry. She says the restoration project was a four year plan, which started this summer. Berry ads nonprofit was happy to be able to support the efforts to restore the trails. A south Lake Tahoe man is in custody on charges of beating his roommate to death with a piece of firewood. Seventy one year old James Cleveland being held for the death of his roommate sixty five year old Valerie Turley, while motive is not known witnesses. Tell south Tahoe police. They saw Cleveland repeatedly strike the woman with the pieces split firewood. She was flown to Reno hospital where she later died. Cleveland is being held without bail in the county jail university of California. Davis says an emergency alert system intended to deliver emails and text messages to seventy thousand students and staff failed on the night. A police officer was shot and killed near campus. Last week. A pair of alerts went out on January tenth after Davis. Police officer Natalie corona was shot, but only twenty thousand of the intended seventy thousand people received them UC Davis. Chancellor Gary s may said in a statement that the system failure was unacceptable and officials will ensure that the alerts work in the future. The system was designed by rave mobile safety, Massachusetts based firm. The problem was fixed and a campus wide alert was sent later that evening, raves said in a statement that it takes full responsibility for the system failure, abandoned, volunteer at an elk grove high school has been arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor police say Lucas Melville was arrested last week after school officials got in touch with law enforcement Melville was volunteer at Laguna creek high officers discovered that the sexual misconduct happened off campus. Melville's volunteer position was terminated. He's no longer in police custody, but the investigation is ongoing a paradise. Supervisor says there is benzine and the drinking water up there because of the campfire, but it is not at a dangerous level. Doug teeter represents paradise and Miguel ya and says the detectable levels of benzene are one point one parts per billion. The federal standard is five parts per. For billion while the state has a standard of one part teeter says while some water pipes may have been affected. It doesn't appear to be a widespread problem for pipes that weren't burnt or compromised believe they're going to be fine. Benzine dissipates over time. It breaks down into other compounds..

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