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Taylor. The next time your cell phone rings. And you don't recognize the number may not want to pick it up. Here's our consumer where Clark Howard. According to a new report from Ohio, which is an app that people use to try to get rid of spam. Phone calls. The number of spam. Phone calls is up sixty percent year over year, just a hideous number eight billion robocalls made just in the last ninety days and one of the things that so upsetting is now the robo callers are having the calls. Spooked appearing to be from a phone in your own area code often just grabbing numbers at random. And you think somebody's actually behind those robo calls. If you call that number. They have nothing to do with it. No this regardless of what area codes calling you. If you don't recognize the number if it's not somebody in your contacts, don't answer it if it's important. Enough. They'll leave a voicemail for you. And then you can call them back more from Clark Howard tonight at eight Orlando. Resale stores are seeing a surge in people ready to sell their belongings. Thanks to a popular Netflix show. She's the pint-sized cleaning fairy known as Mari condo. Tidying-up show on net. Flicks is a huge hit inspiring families to give up the things that no longer spark joy. And I've asked him. So are you cleaning out new year new you and a lot of them have told me? Well, we watched the Marie condo show on Netflix. So we decided to go ahead and take the plan to do it. So I love it. It's great Jerry Melico runs. The close mentor resale shop out springs and tells me you can cash in just by cleaning out your closet, designer handbags are very good sellers. Very good, clothing and good conditions jewelry, and you get paid cash on the spot. I agree with the whole concept that, you know, a simpler life makes it simpler mindset, and I'll tell you. I think that's very helpful for everyone. Samantha Jordan, news ninety six point five WDBO, lots of stuff going on this weekend in central Florida, including this one is free. We're doing the fourteenth annual cops in cars show for kids. That's a regular with the Oviedo winter springs optimist club who puts on the event in conjunction with the winter springs and Oviedo police departments are going to have over fifty law enforcement vehicles out there as well as the owners of and older cars that they want to show. Not just police cars were talking emergency response vehicle swat, even a police helicopter and bounce houses and games and all kinds of. Food police canine demonstrations, which are pretty incredible. If you've never seen one cops and Kars for Kids happens from ten to four tomorrow at the Oviedo mall, and if you'd like to enter your car in the show yet there before nine Tony Marino. News ninety six point five WDBO,.

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