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I was the only high school freshman with a late night show in 1996 -huh uh that's it correct okay did you map in her head so much math this is my favorite guess the quote today guess it Chris guess who said liberal women tend to be the ugliest women cousin Oliver no that was a Marjorie Taylor boyfriend Cro yeah -Magnon Marjorie Taylor Greene kind of looks like Frau Blücher she looks like Barney Rubble in a dress and also there is a very magnum Cro this kind of I don't know something yes her skull is it's all the steroids is it yeah okay well well I think you would know just you know by virtue of going to the gym gym a lot okay was I oh please you know I feel like just when I feel like after that please pardon me let's say allegedly allegedly okay thank you I feel like Jody loves us and wants us to have nice things I'm not sure why she did so much this there shouldn't be voter ID you know you have voter ID to buy a loaf of bread you have no ID to buy a loaf of bread you have no everything you have pictures when the windmills are driving them crazy they're driving they're driving the whales I think a little batty and they're washing up on shore at levels never seen before and veterans our don't have cell phones do they all the currently dry canals will be brimming and used to irrigate everything including your own homes and bathrooms and everything you're gonna be happy ok supcon tweets Trump's says he beat Obama by a lot warns about World War II if he's not re -elected shares how when Jeb Bush was POTUS he got us into the Middle East conflict windmills are driving whales crazy Beverly Hills residents leave the luxury car car doors open and have shower restrictions that would just be nice we don't have a day people Beverly Hills do not leave their car doors open because something Raj huh they all have garages and they use them for their car yes okay oh here's one of first his he's running against or beating Obama or something law enforcement to arrest their leading political opponent leading by a lot including Obama of course I'll tell you what you take a look at Obama and take a look at some of the things that he's done this is this and you know Jim have a sale who's a big dear and his Jim Caviezo was a great guy you know who he is also throws hats you notice the hats he's hats throwing and he does it the same way he gets low and he flicks his wrist like that and we don't like these cappy cats do it she's crazy you know I don't do the hat thing anymore because I don't want to watch ever say I honestly am not even sure what the he's talking about anymore I don't I don't was gay that a thing somebody taking the risk I don't I don't I don't I don't okay all right here's just some random moaning and something about Jeb and the parents are so proud huh 19 years she's almost yeah oh yeah couldn't do it and their windmills are causing whales to die in numbers never seen before nobody does anything about that they're washing up and show everyone thought Bush was gonna win and they took then a poll and they found out Trump was up by about 50 points everyone said what's going on right here they thought Bush because Bush supposedly was a military person great you know what he was a miller he got us into the he got us into the middle east how did that work right but they all thought that Bush might win Jeb yes Wow I'm now retroactively really mad at Jeb Bush for getting us into Iraq I had no idea about that okay this is part two if he's running against or beating Obama or something because okay and we did with Obama we won an election that everyone said couldn't be won but I will direct a completely overhauled DOJ to investigate every radical DA and AG in America for their illegal racist and reverse enforcement of the illegal immigrants that came in they've got my mugshot we would win California in a general election if they didn't have a rigged voting system all the other people that have suffered the politics people deranged Jack Smith has anyone ever heard of him? I wonder what his name Your name used to be Jack Smith sounds so nice doesn't it? Huh? What? no I I'm know sorry okay suggesting I don't know okay I don't understand the media doesn't cover this he's in some sort of mental cognitive mental stress something decline I okay uh Alex tweets I got my COVID vaccine today I did tell the pharmacy text uh stick it in he looked at me I told him the official vaccine ambassador of the Stephanie Miller show tells us all to get our boosters uh when I told him it's Margaret Cho he for sure thought I was crazy uh everyone stick it in yes stick it in thank you Margaret um by the way uh Leslie said my booster was my first Pfizer shot I started singing this girl is on Pfizer and the tech looked at me like I was nuts that's that's your job is to have yeah Pfizer yeah yeah that's your job is to have people that give you the shot look at you like you're nuts I have now we decided four Moderna's and two Pfizer's I only have one Moderna I got now I'm a rescue mongrel I've I've got I'm I used to Pfizer yeah now now I gotta get one of those shirts I gotta go get my Pfizer shirts at Stephanie Miller .com okay and one last one Annie when asked how much something costs I automatically say $11 billion when Glenn Kirschner is on MSNBC I scream at the get TV me Glenn Kirschner I automatically say bless you when someone mentions Alina Haba bless you and I will also die mad hashtag I am a Steph head wow thank you that's a lot we have about more six Pfizer jingles oh really yeah I can use them now Pfizer Pfizer yeah it's Pfizer yeah

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