Leon Kurowski, Ukraine, President Trump discussed on Derek Hunter


From baltimore worse largest radio news team these he's wpro news radio ten night sunshine and clouds eighty two degrees at one thirty good afternoon i'm troy johnson after being set down for several hours for a suspicious package investigation the amtrak station at bwi marshall is now open service on trains and buses as now resume no word on what that suspicious package they were investigating may have been a funeral was held today in randalstown for a fallen maryland sailor 24yearold xavier martin was one of seven sailors killed last month when the us as with gerald collided with a container ship in japan his family still coping with a loss his kind heart i think talking with the whole family members and friends that's the one thing that that signs through with always a positive light in people's lives he was always a positive he can pray for people family spokesperson antoinette williams from the abc news desk president trump and russian president vladimir putin's i buy lateral meeting lasted more than two hours in hamburg on the sidelines of the g twenty summit residents who've been discussing various things on the his very well of of the putin told russian news organization sputnik that ukraine syria and other issues were discussed including the issues of fighting terrorism and cybersecurity live leon kurowski here's a look at what's never served on w veil news now president trump vis with president putin will tell you what we know with analysis from abc news i'm funeral services held today for the rentals tell sailor killed last month with.

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