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One of jones is bigger. Tests against a very tenacious. Saints defensive line jones to this point is doing exactly what's being asked of him and it's basically play with a governor on nowhere to go with the ball be cerebral. Get the ball on time. Be accurate mack. Jones doing all those things. Completion percentage four percent above expectation. Not making mistakes when he does throw it on first down. That's kind of when he's pushing the ball a little bit more. But it's basically an offense. That's asking mack jones to keep them ahead of the chains and then when it's third down and medium to long don't make a mistake that just berries us and flips this game on its head and so far. He's been super successful for this match. It could be a little different. The saints defense could be healthier than it was last week. And if they're not fatigued like you said plan three straight road games in three weeks. I think mack jones has more on his plate. Here because the goal has got to be to shutdown damian harris on the ground that's priority number. One your face and new england's offense right now and through two weeks against the likes of aaron jones. Gmc the saints are third and defensive defensive russia efficiency so you just have to immediately factor in mac having more plate no doubt about it and this could be the game where you know going out and spending on hunter in johnny smith pays dividends only two games sample but new orleans defense against twelve formation. They've allowed sixty two percent of past degrade successful giving up one point one yards more per rush from twelve than they are eleven personnel also the formation that the patriots like to use play action from. And that's the throw type. So far that mac jones has highs passer rating from at one eighteen. Any other throw without a play fake helmet just in eighty eight passer rating. Sam darnold had success thrown the play action against the saints defense last week. But this is going to be a tougher test. I think the saints defense can be a little bit. Healthier lattimore is progressing a little bit better got in a limited yesterday. Let's monitor that. Today will be a huge day for him with the hand injury if he's back and you get two pair him with bradley roby and the looks like from yesterday's practice report. A lot of the depth guys returned for the saints as well. It's going to be a little tougher sledding. I think for her for the patriots offense stock when you look at mack jones week to week and of course it's a limited sample size and let's start with some of the positive that you kinda highlighted there. He's the first quarterback with thirty plus pass attempts and seventy percent completion rate in each of his first two starts only trent edwards actually had a better completion percentage through his first two games. But you're looking at some of the company keeps with aaron rodgers in terms of what they've allowed him to do to kind of throw the ball but as far as fewest areas only jimmy g. and matt ryan produced a lesser number during week to you look at jones averaging just five point six yards per attempt to fifth-lowest market in the league. Now i think a lot of that is obviously dictated by game situation last week against the jets. You saw them play a ton zone. There was no reason for him to take unnecessary. Risks with that game very much in control but in this particular spot. You talked about a play action. Do you think they take the governor off. Mac and let him air it out early honored you think game script dictate exactly how they go about things. And no reason to take unnecessary risks. Unless they see themselves falling behind. Yeah i think it's gonna come down to game script but they're going to rely on their offensive line and it's one of the better offensive lines in the league and they have multiple running backs that can run behind it and i think maybe by force they'll have to unless the ground game gets going that's ultimately the biggest question here but i think they're going to have mac jones duty us. I don't see anything wrong with what they're doing. And i think when you start to you see how mack jones from sorry one and one did lose to miami. When you see how mac has performed this is going to be offense. That progressively gets better. Because they're going to be a little bit more open putting more on his plate. I don't necessarily know if this is the week by choice. But it could be based on game script. So we're all in a wait and see approach when it comes to mack jones. But this is the better quarterback for now. This is the better quarterback for the future. And he's gonna continue to improve along the way and they're going to continue to put more on his plate doesn't necessarily mean that it transpires this weekend. I mean there's a reason this total open forty three and got steamed under. And it's because both of these offenses. I think are not only slow. But they're not asking a lot of its quarterbacks right now and when you have three score when you have a three point game here at kind of trending down toward two and a half it's kind of the position that these teams are going to want to have other players have a larger say potentially but this is. This is what it comes down to. I don't. I don't think this is anything new for mac jones. He's gonna manager game here and that's what they want him to do until they're comfortable with not only him but the weapons they have around them. Jacoby myers has been an come on a little bit stronger. Nikiel harry at least doesn't look like an absolute bust but there's always going to be a controlled offense at least early on. Well you talk about managing a game. And i think it's the perfect segue when we look at the other side of the ball with the new orleans saints offense that was stuck in neutral the lowest offensive output for the saints. Since sean payton took over as head coach back in two thousand six alvin kamara five carries for a robust grand total of eight yards in the loss of the panthers and jameis winston goes from the penthouse to the outhouse five touchdowns. No interceptions was not sacked week. One in the win against the packers follows that up against carolina no touchdowns intercepted twice and sacked four times the saints passing offenses averaging one hundred and fifteen yards a game the prior fewest under. Sean payton through the first two games of the season was two hundred and fifteen and a half way back in two thousand seven. The one thing we know about the patriots pain is that they're going to make you play left. Handed and the saints right now are really limited in terms of their playmakers. If the patriots clampdown easier said than done on alvin kamara and limited his effectiveness as a runner and receiver. Do the saints have secondary weapons that they can lean on allowing them to stay competitive from start to finish. Not to this point. I think that's the mo of every team that played the saints. The last two years like remove alvin kamara. And that's why sean payton just been so great as an offense mind. He's able to figure it out along the way with with lackluster weapons. I'm not sure what either of these units are. Because it's possible that bolt saints offense in the patriots. Defense aren't what they appear. And i think that's even more so for the saints. Offense is the major defense back to their two thousand nineteen former. Is it just basically two weeks of success being a byproduct of facing miami's offense without its left tackle and it's you know ten million dollar receiver into his first road. Start with fans. And then it's beating up on zach wilson without his left tackle and we know bell check destroyed young quarterbacks. It's like nothing new to see here..

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