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Cut number one. To quote zora neale hurston, not all skin folk are kinfolk. Nikki Haley instead is the dinesh d'souza of Candace Owens. She's the alpha kern with brown skin and for white supremacists and racists. She is a perfect mentor in Canada. And instead of applauding her, I am just disgusted by people like Nikki Haley, who know better, whose parents were the beneficiaries as Asha said of the 1965 immigration nationality act, which passed thanks to those original BLM protesters and the Civil Rights Act. Her father came here because he was a professor, he taught at a historically black college in South Carolina. That's how she became the proud American that she is and yet what does she do like all these model minorities, which by the way is a strategy of white supremacy to use Asians in particular as a cudgel against black folks. Instead of pulling us up from the bootstraps and pulling others from the bootstrap, we're taught to take your boot and put it on the neck of poor brown's immigrants refugees and black folks. And that's what she did in her ad. So I see her and I feel sad many because she uses her brown skin as a weapon against poor black folks and poor Brown folks and she uses her brown skin to launder white supremacist talking points and the reason I feel sad because no matter what she does maybe, it'll never be enough. They'll never love her. And if you don't believe me, what an Ann coulter. Tell proud American. Nicky Haley, two days ago. Go back to your country. Nikki. You'll never love you. Go back. It ain't worth it. All right, wow. So that's the folks over at MSD and see, I think you have to actually register to be a professional racist to actually get on the air over there. Can you believe this stuff? Users are brown skinned to launder white supremacy. Meanwhile, the squawking magpies over at the view are accusing Haley of being ageist cut number three. We're one of the only countries in the world that don't value age. Don't value experience. I mean, I remember when my grandmother were alive, I would sit at their feet and just take in the lessons and everything that they had to say. And now it's like, oh, you're too old. Well, really because when that person is gone so is that institutional knowledge. And it just makes you sick. I think we have a clip of Nikki Haley. The America I see the permanent politician will finally retire. We'll have term limits for Congress. And mandatory mental competency tests for politicians over 75 years old. Or how dare she say that someone over 75 needs some sort of mental acuity test. I think she needs a mental acuity. Really? Really. Really? I mean, really. We're talking, we're talking about Joe Biden here, by the way. That's who she's talking about. Joe Biden, who can't even put an illegible sentence together. Cut number 11. Connection between Polish and the polish and American people. Is extremely strong and depot is kidding with the president. I was as a young man. I was born in a cold town of Scranton Pennsylvania in northeast Pennsylvania. In an Irish castle neighborhood, then when cold died, we moved down to Delaware into a town called claymont Delaware, which was a working class town, and but everybody in town was either polish or Italian. I grew up feeling self conscious. My name didn't end in the SKI or oh no. But all kidding aside, the connection between okay, enough of them. Did you notice nobody laughed? Nobody laughed at the joke. Were you concerned that he was going to tell a Polish joke? I thought that's where he was going. I'm like, oh my gosh. We're about to get into a war with Poland for crying out loud. By the way, you got to hear this. This was from earlier today, cut number 5. We've all the coalition of nations from the Atlantic to the Pacific. NATO. To the land the Atlantic, Japan and the Pacific. I mean, across the across the world. Yeah, nothing to see here squawking magpies on the view. You know what, ladies, girls, why don't you leave? Why don't you leave the politics to the grown-ups? Why didn't you go into the kitchen? Make a sandwich. It'll be okay. It'll be okay. Too much testosterone on that program for me, ladies and gentlemen, way too much..

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