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Mhm says a partial government shutdown at midnight is likely the president met with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell for more than an hour at the White House. Mr. Trump is standing firm on his demand for funding for his border wall. Last week, the president said he would own government shutdown over border security today. Now, it's up to the Democrats as to whether or not we have shut down tonight. I hope we don't, but we're totally prepared for very long shutdown. Karen Travers, ABC news. The White House. Supreme court Justice Ruth, Bader Ginsburg had surgery this morning to treat lung cancer. The malignancy was found during tests the eighty-five year old hat after falling and breaking ribs last month the cancerous growth removed from Justice Ginsberg's left lung were discovered during tests she had after she fractured ribs in a fall last month. Doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center here in New York said there was no evidence of disease anywhere else in her body. This Ginsberg's third bout with cancer since she took her place on the supreme court bench in nineteen Ninety-three. She's due to remain in the hospital for a few days. ABC's eric. Trzcinski arrests today in Colorado and the thanksgiving disappearance of a pilot and mother police have not found Kelsey Berra's body but woodland park Colorado. Police chief miles to young says Abeille Berith was murdered by her fiance. Patrick freezing. Today, we arrested Patrick crazy on charges of first degree murder of Kelsey birth. And he is currently being held in the teller county jail says evidence indicates a crime may have occurred at barris home. She was last seen on Thanksgiving Day. Her phone mysteriously pinged in Idaho. Alex stone ABC news holiday travel, headaches are possible with the large east coast storm this man's flying. From New York to Chicago fingers are crossed there's.

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