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One half of the country is demanding. We live with its blizzard of lies, and they have constructed so many lies for us. But November the third was perfectly on the up and up. But January the sixth was an attempted coup away. Oh Oh, yes, wearing masks would have done nothing last march, but now they're so necessary that you should be wearing free or for masks. Oh, yes, It's totally racist to call it the China virus, But it's not in the least bit racist that all to refer to the U. K strain or the South. Frickin variant or whatever's next Florida's in trouble Because abound. He's got the UK strain on next thing you know, a Tadjikistan will have the Florida variant on then Montana will have the Tadjikistan strain on then the South Sandwich islands will have the Montana variant unto the end of time. We are living in a great swirl of blizzard. Of official lies coming so fast and from so many directions that actually having the clarity to see your way through them, but take small things small things like wire supposedly functioning jurisdiction. Like the government of the global superpower cannot give you a cause of death. For a dead policeman over a month after he died. Van is deeply weird. And not just weird, but disturbing Mark sign for us. I will take your calls straight ahead. You're listening to the I B network hate Sean Hannity. Join me this afternoon. A two on news radio 1055. W E. R C thief.

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