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Such things such. You know, speech hurts size the board. So. Power retractable mirrors. You know the items we had the multimedia package. Where the twelve point three inch digital display drivers split day. Nab system carbon card in radio system. Or you know, stereotype. And that went for twenty five hundred dollars and we have the advanced package. That to included a. Headlights automatic dimming from your, I beams, you know, you don't have to do anything. This said pilot assistant mention adaptive cruise control three hundred sixty surround camera, which I happen to love when your parking this is really upset to see everything you see where your vehicle is. So all in all I think bulb did a really good topic. Yeah. There, there are some little courts, but what the ical doesn't have their little quarters. I don't I don't agree on. Thank you very much for this report. Sincerely, john. Okay. Are you have a great day? We try to best we can so have a good day. We'll speak with you next week. Okay. One hundred Michael, okay. Now we're gonna turn the microphone over to Mike for silly and he has a very interesting person that he wants to interview. Yes. Howard. You know, I've been doing a lot of research on all this new technology, that's being being developed in the industry, and on a month ago I met a gentleman at a conference name, Rick Sepe ENZA. He runs the clean transportation program at North Carolina State university, and he's gonna come on and tell us what they're doing down there with new technology Ricky there. I am here. All right. Thanks becoming tell us come listeners. What programs you're involved in what kind of technology, you're working on? Okay. We, we are, that say advocates in their life by the she is to excel reduction of alternatives culture, Tisch quality work, if they call the cool energy technologies. Call. And I started out as a seller center and do the technology accidents and what we do. We became Queen in two thousand dollars thousand transportation will provide combined power. So with all seats and overall the objectives to celebrate a coal transportation. Transportation spent like we work with academia, government public and private fleets to accelerate the adoption and our stances. We are we are fueled technology intro. Look at everything was out there. Try educate the folks is to let the cable, toys R, so they have it understanding, and they can make informed decision. Sometimes feels we promote and depending upon the application, the fall out between the biofuels all with so piloting, so propane. Batra guest look at other technologies. And this even operational procedures to drive fish and transportation, looking at the whole picture, most people just think of this new technology is just the electric vehicles, but there's a lot more. There's a lot more to it than just electric vehicle actually. And that's how we said it's an all of the above approach, we did allergy. I use. That's like a craftsman or artist wanted you seven color, palette. You wanna let us Evy tuning toolbox. Just hammer all the time. And there's some. Places where the technology fits very well. I was where it doesn't and that's, that's a fear. We have that technology is putting around advocation somebody has a bad experience. Then they bad mouth the technology and they won't ever adopted again. We have happened using near stack when we'll prices go up and down over the last forty fifty years. And you've had a push for some alternative fuels and you have liability issues, etc. And I it was the guy from Mesa Arizona. Who's a great story for propane and school buses. He wouldn't touch natural gas, 'cause they log I and they went and tried that for guests years and years ago and had reliability she's fucking touch that we've had several iterations in the systems and the systems across the board..

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