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But sometimes people don't even know that they're giving you shitty advice or that they don't know that there's other better advice out there or advice that actually really works for that matter but so it's really up to you to take that responsibility don't rely on other people just have it in you that you're going to learn as much as possible that you're going to work on your mind you're going to grow every single day being an elite man is taking that responsibility in working on your mind uh way number four is working on your body along with working i mean i just said this amounted to go but the the mind body connection is as prevalent and as apparent as ever it's their did the same it's it's one in the same it's just another your mind your brain is the in its in charge of a lot of things in your body but your body is also in charge of a lot of things in your brain their connection is there it's real um you can't be healthy if your body is not healthy you can't be healthy if your brain is not healthy working on your body every single day is just as important is working on your brain i think that means things like going to the gym walking running moving fighting in terms of martial arts like juno martial art think is is incredible having a discipline like that whether it's jit sued judo wrestling boxing karate any the number of the many martial arts out there i think is phenomenal but am again as we move deeper and deeper into the technological age i think we are moving further and further away from our nate nate need to move our bodies so many of us and i fall into this trap occasionally as well and i really try to correct myself as much as possible but so many of us are leading sedentary lies what were sitting around by the computer all day sitting around at the office sitting around at wherever we were sitting every you're watching tv when we come home sitting some more were driving in a car sitting some more and we're not move we're not physically moving around as much as we should as much as we need you.

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