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And they scored ten goals in that time. And didn't give up a single shorthanded one yet either for all the concern about being vulnerable defensively if you do so. So yeah, I love it. I love that aggression. And I would love to selfishly, you know, we say we don't root for, we don't root for teams or whatever we root for stories, we players, we root for just that sort of stuff more. So I think this is a great story for this Panthers team to be rewarded with this statistical profile, right? All the time. I would tweet these remarkable stats of what they're doing offensively. They haven't been shut out yet this season. They've scored 6 plus goals more times than they've been held under three. And a depressing amount of people, like their first inclination to respond to that. Yeah. Oh, well, let's see. Let's see them win in the playoffs before we start, you know, crowding them before we start celebrating this. And it's like, those are two completely separate thoughts, but I would love to see this type of strategy. And I know what's gonna happen, right? A base succeeded they win a couple rounds if they win a cup, whatever. There's gonna be, oh, well, they go, of course, they got Ben sherrod. Of course they added a lot of meat compared to last year. They become more physical. And people are always gonna see what they wanna see, right? And push that whatever agenda they want. But I think unequivocally, especially with how aggressively they play offensively, like this is something that we should aspire to across the league and it's something that hopefully people will notice and be like, how can we make a Gustav forsling look like an offensive dynamo, you know what I mean as opposed to being like, we need to play a certain way where everyone has a very specific role and we have offensive and defensive players like they just try to have as many good players as they can. If this is a copycat league and most pro leagues are, I'd like teeth to try to copy them. Yeah. Because I want more teams up by the way, two more guys that I like in Florida that maybe people don't appreciate. I think Anton lundell, how do you play a full year? He would not have won the caller, but Lars Eller, I guess, is the third line center there in wash. He's good. I like him as a player, as well as mason marchment. I think just sneaky skill. Like for a guy, you're like, oh yeah, he's kind of an up and down energy guy. He's getting dragged up by all other points around him. Then you watch him play in the plays that he makes. The third line there with Sam Reinhart, who's appointee game player on your third line..

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