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People who have like their lights up and people are coming by. And it's a nuisance and and just get some point in time. Just get over it. Can you not just go? I really don't care. It's my neighbor's house. It's kind of cool. But what if it goes? And you try to sell your house, and you can have trouble selling your house. California. This one's in California. You're not gonna ever have trouble selling your house in California. I promise you that's not gonna happen. Saddle river, a wealthy New Jersey community which wants welcomed, Richard Nixon. When he moved there is having none of this. The town drawing the line allowed canines tonight. The town council considering an ordinance that will punish the owner. If dogs bark yelp or how too much if dogs carry on for twenty minutes, straight owners could be fined or sentenced to community service or even jailed a public hearing will proceed the vote a known if dogs will be allowed to be heard. Here's my how do you? So do you have to record it for twenty minutes because then it's my word versus the dog. So if a police officer comes out right because they got nothing better to do. And they're like, hey, great. If I take a call about a public nuisance a dog, which can be annoying. I think we all know that just like feeding alarm Carlos. So my question is is there like a clock running? What if the dog barks twice in twenty minute span, and it's not all the time. But in the twenty minute span, you heard the dog bark once twice you don't like your neighbor. I just see this crazy. And we all know that there are always, you know, in your life every once in a while you run into neighbors got a dog. It's annoying as hell, right? Like compasses from the Christmas story. I get that. But we not have better things to do with our time. We don't gotta make the world a little bit more perfect three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three. At Chad Benson show Twitter think about this. If you had the dinosaur house, the Flintstone house and your dogs that bark annual real dinosaurs. Wow. You would be a super double. Triple news.

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