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Standard it applied across the board because you can say the same thing for anyone that well there are some there are a handful of people who say that this person existed but but let's say there are a lot of historical figures people don't know now that you're going on a few accounts so if we apply that same standard to jesus christ's for being fair remove the blinder's the chris jess what does it stand to read your honour does it hold water exactly right compared to say i mean picking strong the answer is this context alexander the great okay i was under the right people writing about him centuries after we don't have a lot of stuff we have some coins that say that they have alexander the great on we don't have much evidence at all so if we apply the standard that they want to plo jesus and saying he wasn't a real historical figure we'd have to see those guys weren't either right right so it it kind of it it's not a fair plainfield right now it's not intellectually honest and i think that's part of the problem so over 40 sources of mentioned jesus within one hundred fifty years of his life nobody else can really say stuff like that from the time period crowder is a lot of details in fact there was a rabid the four i met here yeah from that quote okay he'd better really came in for paired with respect to g this is bart air rim urban f i dunno i immediately don't what is respected jesus we have numerous independent accounts of his life in the sources lying behind the gospels and the writings of paul sources that originated in jesus native tongue aramaic and that can be data to within just a year two of his life before the religion moved to convert pagans in droves historical sources that are pretty astounding for an ancient figure of any kind.

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