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Crossing guards and is looking into improving the lighting around the Crosswalks in the daytime high school west high area also is incumbent on drivers who are driving through school zones around school buses to slow down take your time. And know that that we have young people who are just all they're trying to do is get to school that day. Gaby Rodriguez all she wanted to do with what make time and get to school and she lost her life in September. By a driver. We still have not defied Lauren Morley with the district says students safety is their top priority. News Radio seven hundred wwl w supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, recovering this afternoon after having cancerous growths removed from her lung surgery was earlier today and the courts public information offices. There's no evidence of any remaining cancer at age eighty five. She is the oldest supreme court Justice government shutdown very possible at midnight tonight, unless congress and the president can strike a deal president wants money for his border wall house passed a measure that covers it and now the senate's taking a look at. Looking at it. We just had a meeting with some of our great Senator Republicans and lasted for a long time tremendous enthusiasm for border security, and I think I can speak for them very strongly. What I say they want to see something happen on border security, a partial government shutdown would effect homeland security State Department, the EPA about eight hundred thousand federal workers would not get paid. Although more than half of them would still be expected to report to work. However, the post office will continue to deliver the Christmas packages and social security checks will still go out.

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