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Ten nineteen eighty-three eleven forty five A._M.. In Roman Romania Yeah I'm a Scorpio rising with moon in Saturn on the ascendant and <hes> and the Senate in the Big Three <hes> what type of astrology do practice <hes> I practice tropical astrology end use of attic principles but I also tell us what I learned from Western astrology other planets and things like that and I'm not the blocked or set on one type of astrology I am I just want things that get the job done correctly and precisely true but you have over the past few years. We've developed a real passion for studying Indian astrology or vedic astrology yes since two thousand sixteen so maybe three years I've after some hiatus from astrology I found the <unk> who was teaching basic principles with the Tropical Zodiac End. I resonated very much with that so I accumulated a lot of knowledge in incorporated that in my practice fight successfully the I would say <hes>. It seems like you're one of the major like a vedic astrologers does uses the tropical Zodiac today yeah there. There's there's a few of us. I think the numbers increasing I think people initially they are a bit reluctant because they think Oh this culture is so different from mine. <hes> this is like old stuff. How can it be valid today but there are some principles that are archetypal that you can identify with like the same problems uh-huh? We had many thousands of years ago so I would say that's why it's becoming more popular because like younger people are so related to the pop culture into their own problems in the province of their friends so I guess yeah it's probably an easier entry point into vedic astrology than some other ways in terms of not having to deal with also changing the Zodiac exactly yes because yes some people are confused because when they hear a <hes> a breakfast Jogesh they're like <hes> you know we are using idea like my charges but it's actually not like that because the signs are tropical in Western astrology but we also used <unk> other techniques accent other things like sanitary conditions to find out you know the quality of our planet helpers and feels about that planet so there's a lot of things that the improve the quality of the things I would say sure. Why did you get interested in astrology or what <hes> what made you passionate about it well? My first contact with astrology was in the early nineties. Actually I had the I was reading comic Luke's Mickey Mouse Club in die so there was little leaflet with the Sun signs in the stone but it was just like tiny leaflet but afterwards I found in my on the bookshelf I found the book about Sun signs in Doc Goodman and then I found the book about stability I was about ten in the from then on. I was south thought for a long time because it just you know catches you. In I was writing down in my notebooks. My friends you know birthdates and what signs are Danes. Are they compatible so things like that and then you know I just the read lots of books. I started these with the <hes> the local astrology scorer here but then I wanted something more so <hes> I found the classes oh you know online classes I took I think Robin Armstrong School of Astrology in Canada by the scholarship and then you know later on <hes> earnest's his website is full of information in other sources of VEDIC astrology debts sure in Asia and you have done work as a professional translator in have a great skill with languages. Do you feel like that's given greater opportunities in terms of your astrological studies. Yes actually I do speak the languages ages five so far.

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