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Foggy around the Cape Cod canal group three is fine Plymouth to Weymouth and then the expressway looks good into the city a ten minute ride David struck Pelino WBZ's traffic on the threes and now here's the four day WBZ accu weather forecast we have some fog and low clouds to deal with this morning for a while otherwise those clouds will part we'll see a sunny day today highs in the high eighties to low nineties in the city and inland spots the beaches will be near eighty degrees it'll remain mainly clear in the city tonight and also in inland spots low clouds and fog returning to the south coast Cape and islands a low of sixty seven tomorrow we'll see much of the same it'll start out a little cloudy another hot and humid afternoon inland highs approaching ninety degrees once again beaches near the eighties in the afternoon not as warm on Sunday it'll be humid as well we might see a shower or thunderstorm possibly in the afternoon especially north and west of four ninety five we'll see highs of eighty five in the city in inland areas of the beaches in the mid seventies right now we have sixty eight degrees fair skies in Boston is also sixty eight in Danvers and Chelsea seventy one degrees in Milton is five oh five a Massachusetts reporting two hundred seventy one new coronavirus cases yesterday a total of more than a hundred six thousand bay staters have now tested positive since the start of the outbreak the death toll now surpassing seventy seven hundred and some good news though for the first time in months covert nineteen hospitalizations in Massachusetts have dipped below one thousand this week the city of Boston there's been a total of nearly seven hundred covered nineteen deaths reported more than.

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