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So president from the Michigan yesterday and this generated a bunch of controversy and then Joe Biden said something that's actually terrible we'll get to that momentarily president trump was in Michigan yesterday and this creates the opportunity for the media to go nuts on president trump in a series of really really dumb controversies I got a bunch of really dumb controversies meanwhile Joe Biden was literally saying this morning in an interview that you're not like if you don't vote for him envydeal gloss over that like immediately the differential way in which conferences are treated by the media is it an incredible thing I spent a lot of time criticizing media that is because the media are the filter through which you see information one of things we do on the show's provided different filter which is the information because there's no filter there is I'm the filter but I was trying to bring to attention things the media are going to downplay as opposed to the things that they play out so here's a perfect example last night president trump spoke in Michigan and the middle of the speech he started talking about the Ford family I need to talk about the fact that the the board of Ford still has people who are from the Ford family sitting on it he praises the quote unquote for bloodlines I was wanting out is that the Ford company was founded by Henry Ford was one of the most iconic American industrial figures in in human history my most iconic industrial figures in history literally for production process became the basis for a certain philosophy of business became the basis both good and bad for certain philosophy of of how human beings should interact none of that is to say the Henry Ford himself was wonderful wonderful day in terms of anti semitism he brutally was not I've talked about this on July four days ago I referred to this on the show before this controversy blew up right now I talked about the fact that Henry Ford was actually a vicious anti Semites who published fully protocols of the elders of Zion based newspapers from like nineteen twenty nineteen twenty seven was sued for libel had shut down the newspaper then received an award from the **** government in nineteen thirty eight Henry Ford was was a vicious horrible anti semite hated Jews if the Jews former world conspiracy against him and all the rest do you think that's what trump was referring to when he talks about the Ford bloodline here said trump says this about the Ford family and everybody immediately jump to he's he's endorsing Ford's anti semitism in genetic and genetic eugenic views what com come on come on this is so silly here is from yesterday the company founded by a man named Henry Ford good bloodlines good bloodlines you believe in that stuff get good blood they teamed up with the company founded by Thomas Edison that's General Electric it's good stuff it's good stuff and you put it all together then they're all looking down right now and they should be very proud of what they see this is what I mean okay so is that a smart thing to say well if you have historical where this would be particularly smart things to say when you talk about like the bloodlines of the company what about lines of your family if it turns out that your grandfather was present you say the result family that that's a that's a hell of a blood line right there if you have any family that's how the bloodline and somebody goes oh you mean Joseph Kennedy that vicious anti semite he was vicious anti Semites as a candidate right that people be like that's how he's talking about do you really think he's referring to Henry Ford's anti semitism there he's dog whistling the alt right when your first of the four bloodlines of course not this blew up on social media last night obviously because trump's a racist and we have to impute racism rather than ignorance him again there's a very simple solution to trump saying dumb things and that is the man has some things he doesn't know anything about history Hey trump isn't I I have friends who have been to events for trump has literally said I've read more books and I have read yeah Donald Trump is not a master of American history is not fluent in American history he doesn't know things okay so the the imputation of anti semitism to it as I said it hasn't him personal based on his most pro Israel president American history is the most pro Jewish president probably in American history given the fact that he has promulgated executive orders that are trying to protect Jews on campus he's been outspoken against anti semitism repeatedly I am very for all the talk about his association with the all right in twenty sixteen as one people talk sensibly about it he forcibly disassociated from himself from them in in the mid twenty seventeen and beyond none of that was good let's pretend that Donald Trump like a vicious anti semite was grandkids are Jewish and saying is this is not correct this is not correct okay so trump that was there was some controversy number one and there is some controversy number two which is president trump saying silly things yesterday president trump mentioned that he is tested daily or corona virus and she does like a full on South Park routine here about being positive and it has a negative balance has this been like a long time comedy that for a very long time it's pretty it's pretty old chestnut here's president trump doing it unintentionally I had a two week regimen of hydroxy flora Glenn had died thank you that I think just about two weeks I think it's another day so.

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