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Many different tactics getting four films in the film festivals on this podcast but it's out by south west last month we decided to head straight for the source the people in charge of selecting the films themselves that's right we're talking about the all powerful festival programmer and to get the inside scoop there's no one better than south by southwest senior film programmer quad godfrey on today's program pod at ni run through exactly what it is that attracts a festival programmer to a certain short she also gives us a rundown of things at filmmakers should focus on meeting as well as what they should attempt to avoid when working on a project they hope will be selected claudette makes powerful case for the value of festivals like south by south west for all filmmakers and if you're in the middle of planning a festival run you better listen close hey guys it's john and i'm here with godfrey right yes great what's your what's your title at south by southwest title is senior film programmer boom so today we're going to talk about what it's like for a film programmer and you know if you gotta short maybe some things that you can do to help increase your chances at getting into such a prestigious program south by southwest great so how long have you been with south by claudette i have this is technically my tenth year to work fulltime janet hired me on right after college but before that i worked as a i was a we have these volunteers are like the crew chiefs of their of a crew volunteers so i did that because i was only twenty and we don't have interns over twenty.

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