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And so they kinda have him up for it and in no previous record in so Eric Eric actually starts doing community service because event in but both brothers have to go see a psychologist just to see like they have to go to counseling. Yeah in the meantime the Fathers Jose starts going around to all the families that got hit. And he's like here's money. Whatever you want I'll write a check for you? Don't let this hit the media. Yeah and he was actually more upset with the brothers because they got caught then that they did it and he's like you're definitely not leaders. The shows you're not leaders. This is rife for a television miniseries. Yeah definitely so kind of paint a picture of lyle more Both brothers are are really good looking In lisle starts dating. Like Victoria's Victoria's secret models and he's doing this playboy lifestyle on the side in his parents do not agree with it so they cut him off with their credit cards. And they're like I would think that they would agree with it because of the showing of it but maybe not no because that they don't want him to be showing they want him to be successful. They want to go to Princeton. They want him to have like a girl. Good girl In the Eric is like modeling on the side. Like very lightweight like Very amateur and again Jose. It's just like catalog work. Who's not happy and these sorts accusing Eric? Being gay which in mind was not okay And then Kitty finds out that Jose has been having an eight year affair and with the woman back in New York and so kiddies world is kind of crumbling at this point. The boys are kind of going out of control What she doesn't know is that Jose also has another woman on the side in La Anymore it also having sex with sex workers on the side insatiable in so because she's so mad about what's like she can't have control over the boys she decides? I'm GONNA take the boys out of the will. And so she pulls out the will and her computer one day. Okay and her friend. Why is she doing that? The boys are getting out of control. Lyle got kicked out of Princeton. God they just quietly take them out of the will to her. That's a consequence consequence And she's saying like you're being crazy we're taking the wheel. She not sing it to their face so she's at her computer. She's changing the will and her friend is over over and she's like what are you doing. She's like I'm taking the boys out though the will they can't handle this like money and she's like lyles down the hall like I can see lyle he can hear us and she's like that's fine. He can hear he needs to know that he's not getting any of this money so she's not like saying it to them but she doesn't care that they hear over here. AH IN MY MIND to quietly do it does nothing. Yeah so kitties psychiatrist recommends that the boy see Dr Oziel. Paul and shortly after Eric Search treatment with a doctor Oziel he gives permission for him to discuss the contents of his sessions with his parents and so on July nineteenth in one thousand nine hundred nine. Kitty goes through a therapist and tells him that she fears that. Her sons are narcissistic in exhibit signs. That they are sociopaths. Issue Concerned about her husband. All that doesn't come up because he seems a little bit narcissist narcissistic as well. Yeah one hundred percent okay. But she is concerned about her kids because this other psychiatrists telling her about their session. Yeah so kitty begins to lock the door to her bedroom at night. Oh she scared She keeps was to twenty two rifles in her closet and she does not allow lyle or Eric to have keys to the house in when the brothers go out at night They they have to wake her up so she could come unlocked the door and let them in because they lived there but they're not alleged keys. Yeah K. in when a could he takes too many volumes and she's rushed to the hospital in this mess staff at the hospital she might have been trying to commit. Suicide does not confirmed and On Tuesday August Fifteenth Kitty and lyle get into this heated argument in KITTY STARTS HITTING LYLE in. She grabs his hair and pulls Sopha to pay. What in Eric's there in Eric's like what like twenty which one you can use your you know? But but like Eric is lyles brother. He had no idea that his brother were to pay. He had no idea he was starting to lose his hair so he was losing his hair and Jose saw and he's like this is not acceptable. Get Out of here have to wear to pay in so we made Ohio okay No one can be surprised by what happens. uh-huh in so that night the brothers get to talking and they're like it's just so crazy. How many secrets are within our family? Yeah this is is obviously from the boys Yeah tell as you're telling me all this I'm like I'm curious where some of the information comes from because some of you like decadent to come from within the family So it had to have come from the boys and obviously like if they're trying like spinning their side or is there truth and like a lot of this comes from that documentary tree. I Talked about in the beginning. So you some of this comes from kitties friends ultimate this comes from the boys and So the boy start talking in Erica midst till I'll that their father has been sexually abusing him. Eric Mitchell younger brother adminster older and then lyle explains that he has also been sexually abused by their father. Does this come. Maybe we'll get there when we talk about the trial. Does this come up with like. Is that over questions. Do People's people definitely question it. People go are you just trying to get away with murder Did that yeah. And we'll talk about later in so according to the brothers Jose finds out that Eric has told Late every cats out of the bag. Yeah and Jose is just like I know you're gonNa tell the people I can't have that happen inside the be. The brothers at this point can scare that Jose is gonNA stop and nothing to make sure they don't tell anybody in so A couple of days. Later on Saturday Day August nineteenth nineteen eighty-nine entire family goes out on this chartered boat in the marina and they go fishing and according to the crew Jose is in the back of the boat and fishing kitties down below because she seasick and the boys are at the bow so everyone's being separated. They said it was really weird. No one was really talking They're not a loving family. Yeah exactly Into the next day on Sunday August twentieth nineteen eighty nine. The brothers decide to kill their parents. Wow Wow so jose and Kitty are got a theory. Okay they all took seasickness pills and seasickness pills made them temporarily insane. uh-huh just the boys just the voice. Okay great we'll we'll come back to that theory brought up. Thank you Jackie and blatantly made up but I feel it has merit you should be detected so Jose and Kitty are in their den at their house and they're watching the spy who loved me in their minds lion. Eric have left for the night and so at around ten PM Lion Eric Take Two twelve gauge shotguns. In shoop also their parents these are her mom's keeps in the closet. No different Would later report hearing firecrackers. But they didn't think much of it because they're in beverly hills that and lyle says during Oh so they have this later on they obviously guilty Later on they're doing interview with Barbara Walters and While says during the interview that So they had their appearance and then they're like twelve shots in the middle of the night and no one calls. The police were waiting at the house and no one shows up in the way he said it. It's kind of like he's putting the blame name on the cops the surrounding people for not calling the cops. Yeah and that's why they had a call in Li- like we're waiting for someone to like turn Assim but no one did so we had to do it. Wow And so at eleven forty seven. Lyle calls Nine one one in you can hear the nine one one call and it's it's awful. Is he pretending like he discovered his parents saying that he did it. Like what's the what's the bent doc pretending that they came home to find that their parents had been shot talk And they're like overly screaming overly yelling hysterics all over the place. Is there like running through the house. You can hear both of them Did you listen to. It is in the interview in the documentary. Yeah so so the police arrive and they see that Jose has been shot in the back of the head Four Times in that. Kitty attempted to run away during the the Incident as she was shot in the leg causing it to break and then she was shot multiple times until they ran out of ammunition and so they had to their car reload and come back and they shot her in the head. We feel like that came up at trial And then they also shot both of them in the kneecaps to make it look like a mob hit that so it's just excessive force They picked up all the shells afterwards. And Yeah it's just you no you can't you can't recognize them and there was more force to Kitty. That's what's so surprising to me I wouldn't think that that's how one just you know everybody in their MOMS. But I don't know and we'll talk about. I have a theory and we read it later. Yeah so because both of the brothers at this point are not suspects. The cops don't bring them in okay. They're like they're like yeah. They're like why are we going to take them in for questioning when their parents. They're obviously distraught the they don't hands for ballistics then look in their car. which if they had looked at the guns to do it anyway Yeah the civil what you think happened. Also bad so in so the brothers told them you know. I think this was pet. I think it was the mafia like. Yeah and so the police Amelie start following that lead In so in the meantime Lyle and Eric now have money. Oh Yeah In they buy obviously had an adjusted the will and put it through lawyers. Well we'll get to that. Oh they actually. I'm had somebody come by on August. Thirty first to erase the files and KITTIES computer In so they start buying new suits. It's the start they bought new rolex. Watches Yeah one buys a Porsche. Another one buys a cafe So one of them by a buffalo flow wings restaurant in Princeton. He needs it. Mr Buffalo's I think that was lyle. I'm Eric Hires a fulltime tennis coach. Which is Sixty K.? A.

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