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Is like once we essentially we want to be able to move to fully autonomous drones for a lot of these applications and makes sense it so much more costeffective and like these drones are essentially robotic one of the main reasons why we have these drones is to be able to like extend this human reach or to have is in the sky or from a different perspective and it's it's not really natural for the humans actually be operating them meds counter intuitive to actually steer them with too little stacks with buttons and ideally these drones should just be able to accomplish their task without any sort of human interference and so something like iris automation being able to provide situational awareness and then being able to letting the strong see the roadway a pilot would i mean that essentially gives us the confidence that they would fly those missions without running into manner aircraft or birds or balloons our buildings her power loan towers yeah whatever have you okay cool also what so how many employees are you guys at today at iris automation were ten people ten people cool and so what is the iris automation team like him you know you guys unassuming mostly software developers at this time but um rent how's the team comprised than uh what are you guys can of a working on mike currently i mean if it's quite hard challenge i mean we're talking about outdoor computer vision then at a large range in real time on embedded systems in its i mean the computer vision and deep learning itself is like no trivial challenge that attractive though to the software it over track that i think we've got most of the buzzer of covered which is i am scv there you go and so all of the team as engineers except for one.

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