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Lot to her i really cute but when i'm in this group it's like i just be myself and these people just like family and fend they say when they're together they're inseparable which i kinda get because when i'm not pointing my microphone at them they're holding each other's hands and hugging and every time one of them says something they re wave they last napping in this your high schools they have some time to really think about the future but like violinist carrot in his from carson nearly all of them say that eventually they wanted to bring music to people like that teach other girls of color each other girls who feel insecure in the orchestra setting us all of what we've learned like spread it around so that way people like us won't feel the way we do neck snaps meanwhile their mentor has been morales is holding back tears it's been the most rewarding experience of my life to be able to meet you all none of us knew what was going to happen when we decided to embark on this inventor together but i think it's been an amazing couple of months and i think we have even more to look forward to for the frame i'm carla heavier on a related note npr's reporting that boston symphony orchestra principal flutist elizabeth rowe has filed a lawsuit against the orchestra claiming she is making substantially less each year than her closest peer who's a man row suit was filed in the massachusetts superior court as a new statewide equal pay law went into effect she's asking for more than two hundred thousand dollars in unpaid wages from the orchestra she says that she is currently the top paid female principal player in the bso while the orchestra's principal oboe is john ferraro is the symphonies top paid mail according to the orchestra's tax records in two thousand sixteen for rillo was paid two hundred eighty six thousand dollars which is the largest salary paid any boston symphony principal musician row says furloughs role in the orchestra is the most comparable to her own and yet she is paid approximately seventy five percent of what he's getting and we close out the first part of our show with this we can't have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place and by the way rocket man should have been handled a long time ago little rocket man during their summit last month in singapore president trump reportedly asked kim jong un if he'd ever heard elton john's rocket man north korean leader had not so on secretary of state mike pompeo's current trip to north korea he's bring a gift from trump and elton john cd that includes rocket man i guess kim is not into the vinyl renaissance anyway we wondered what elton song kim would suggest to trump so tweet your recommendations to us at the frame.

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