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And former democratic congressman Anthony Weiner will be released from jail early political reporting that he was originally sentenced to serve up to twenty one months for sending sexually explicit material to a teenage girl he was initially set to be released in August of next year that date has been moved up to may three months earlier because he's described as a model prisoner. Anthony Weiner was an up and coming democrat in the house before he resigned in two thousand eleven after first sending explicit images of his private body parts on Twitter and finally on this day in history, North Korea and its nuclear testing on October ninth two thousand six are you an ambassador at the time John Bolton making the following remarks. The entire discussion. In which fifteen council members participated took only thirty minutes. And that's remarkable in the Security Council is some of you may know to have a unanimous condemnation of the North Korean tasks no-one, defended it, no one even came close to defending most of the members who spoke said they were prepared to work on the basis of the elements of draft resolution that I had proposed agreed immediately to an experts meeting today at three o'clock at which we can consider these elements, and I was very impressed by the unanimity of the council, admittedly. These are preliminary. Responses, but the unity of the council on the need for strong and swift answer to what everyone agreed amounted to a threat to international peace and security, October ninth two thousand six John Bolton who at the time was President George W Bush's UN ambassador on North Korea's nuclear testing program today in history C Span's Washington journal is live every morning at seven AM eastern time, four o'clock for those of you on the west coast. C Span's Washington journal live every day with news and policy issues. That impact you coming up Wednesday morning. We'll talk with secretaries of state from around the country about what their states are doing with the federal government to bolster election security for the midterm elections. Then we're live in Hartford Connecticut for the next stop on the C span bus, fifty capitals tour with Connecticut's secretary of state, Denise Merrill. We'll be onboard the bus to discuss election issues in Connecticut. And Connecticut governor dental Malloy joins us to talk about top issues facing the state be sure to watch C Span's Washington journal live at seven eastern.

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