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O. A. news time seven o'clock is Colorado's morning news of April and Marty five thirty one PM point whether we're currently at nineteen degrees on our way to a high in the mid forties this weekend though think sixties right now I'm Colorado's morning news the economy taking a huge hit from corona virus new jobs numbers are out this morning for the month of March Kaylee newsreaders Pat water breaking down what he sees well the numbers were not expected to be good but they were actually worse than projected hiring fell in March by more than seven hundred thousand and unemployment rose from three and a half to four point four percent this is the first month that almost ten years that we've seen a drop in hiring and it doesn't even reflect the full months impact from corona virus business shutdowns will likely see that in the jobs report for April that watered gateway newsradio yeah really only covers those first two weeks in March and we know what we've seen in the last two weeks it's been ugly with ten million people filing for first time unemployment claims federal recommendations for face masks are coming soon that's what the president is talking about I don't think they'll be mandatory because some people don't want to do that but if people wanted as an example in the mass of people wanted to wear them they can task force member Dr Deborah Burke's warns Americans not to get a false sense of security if they wear a mask right now there are nearly a quarter million cases of corona virus in the U. S. over six thousand deaths there over a million cases worldwide Americans could see coronavirus relief payments from the government starting in about two weeks as the government starts cutting checks the IRS worries about scams criminals take every opportunity to perpetrating fraud on unsuspecting victims especially a group of people that are vulnerable or in a state of need and since player in the state of need due to corona virus John to four with the IRS criminal investigation said there are ample targets scammers will try to get them to sign over their check or impersonate the IRS to steal personal information if you get such a call hang up it's not how the IRS operates and Qatar ski A. B. C. news New York three hundred fifty billion dollars an SBA loan starts happening today we'll have more in money news with Pat ahead the number of coronavirus deaths in Colorado in years a hundred ninety seven people have died from corona virus in Colorado well the thirty seven hundred have tested positive at a close to twenty thousand people who've been tested seven hundred and ten people have had to be hospitalized and outbreaks have been reported in twenty one senior and non hospital care centers the virus has now spread to fifty one of Colorado's sixty four counties jury bell killing news radio while the numbers grow health officials fear they may not be accurate incident commander Scott Bookman says in reality that figure a lot higher we are following the trend lines or whatever and everything is proportional directional and that tells us where spread it's going even though we all understand that there are probably four to ten times more people in our community who have committed nineteen that it tested positive for health officials say the lack of testing is to blame for the lower numbers while some are hanging on to hope of kids getting back in the classrooms in Colorado this school year to districts are already calling it the put or school district in fort Collins will carry out the year online superintendent Dr Sandra Spicer making the call we will be finishing this school year like we are now and I know that for a lot of people that's very disappointing and that I'm sorry about that the Thompson school district has also canceled all in person classes for the rest of the school year governor Poloz recently extended out the school closures through the end of April yet another business being shut down in the metro area as owners battle over the meaning of essential K. O. A. news radios Chuck Clark joins us live with the story April appliance factory said they want to know why governor Poloz doesn't want people to buy appliances during the crisis they are appealing the order for them to close yesterday Denver city workers arrived at theirs soon I location to change the door shut after being so I did last week appliance factory declared itself essential but the Attorney General disagreed they are among a group of four to get a season to see still a cease and desist letter from the state the others being hobby lobby a comfort dental and the remax agent I'm Chuck Clark K. O. A. news radio thank you check new numbers are out on optimism when it comes to the corona virus in the United States this is Jim Ryan Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer sums it up for many of us this is a challenge unlike anything we've ever faced before I knew A. B. C. news Ipsos poll reveals that nine in ten Americans have had their daily lives disrupted by covert nineteen and that fewer than half think they'll return to their regular routines by June first eighty nine percent of us now worry that we or someone we know will be infected with the virus up from seventy nine percent last month that same poll shows the approval rating for president trump's handling of the epidemic is now underwater forty seven percent approve of what he's doing well fifty two percent disapprove a church in Jonesborough Arkansas tends to defy federal and state guidelines and hold services this weekend Arkansas does not require places of worship to follow the guidelines that urge no gatherings larger than ten people Broncos season ticket holders are being advised of a plan in case any of next season's games have to be canceled now if that happens they'll be given a refund or account credit and includes any games where fans aren't allowed to attend the team says despite the planet fully anticipates playing a full schedule for the upcoming season and speaking of sports Hey we're all wearing our purple today on what would have been the Rockies home opener you look it over there Jennifer Fallon yeah you brought me the shirt because I forgot I was out and she knew that was out of my guess men's closets see I know before you even need it that you're gonna need something instead there's an effort underway it's called hash tag stay at home opener it's also a benefit for the food banks in Colorado and Wyoming here's Rockies shortstop Trevor story guys I think if we can we need to help the people of the rocky mountain region he's got a Rockies dot com slash V. the Rockies and help in any way possible god will be praying for you thank you so much and god bless here's how you participate and they should be fine I mean we've been without sports for so long starting at two o'clock today tune into Rockies dot com or go to AT and T. sportsnet to enjoy a virtual game so you'll get some of the best home opener innings from franchise history virtual pregame ceremonies in between getting updates and features a virtual seventh inning stretch and a whole lot more can I call the vendor for peanuts in the come to my house on the corner every great sadness that the food crowd we'd be out the grass isn't that so yeah all of the grass or smell of the snow yeah exactly I'll avoid I'd much rather be out there trying to navigate the interview unnecessary saying our buns off we're wearing our purple.

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