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They'd be well into the nineties, but there are many left who are in really good shape, and you should see them. But it's just so inspirational, and it's going to happen. Just a few days before Veterans Day if you can get out to the airport on October twenty seventh early in the morning, I'm telling you it'll be worth make your whole weekend. It'll make your whole weekend, and we'll find out about others. Talking honor flight here in just a few moments when we talked to the president Greg furlong nine forty one time right now. And and and. Anyway, I am. I'm not stalling over your hand. This is I'm just doing the hand. It's part of what we practiced earlier. And we practice us earlier. And anyhow I end. Okay. So we're just gonna take a break. Take a. You know, what I've got this Claudine who sent us some stuff a few weeks ago from the World War. Museum. Yes. And it was awesome. She sent along a book, and I wanna thank hopefully getting his name. Right. Claudia? I don't have the letter now Alicia had the letter, and I but anyway, share blame it on someone else. Well, the women the women pilots w a s p okay? They. Were unbelievable. I gotta tell you. They the b twenty nine was a new bomber. Could there are coming up with World War Two was proving to be unsafe? And a lot of the guys didn't wanna fly it because they were afraid. Okay. And rightfully so the plane was proven not to be very reliable. So. What they did the that one of the of Edmund t Allen he perished during a test flight when one of his b twenty nine agents caught fire and a crewman in one thousand nine civilians on the ground died from this. And there was some concern. Well, anyway, Lieutenant Colonel Tibbets I'm reading a book that cloudy and sand called women airforce, service pilots, that's the wasp w ASAP. He decided to get a couple of those pilots and said, look if you guys can really learn how to fly this. If you two ladies can do it all the guys will not be afraid anymore. And they did it they flew these planes around and did various things with them so much. So that the guy said, hey, they are safe we can fly them, and it was because of two ladies, and we talk about this later, but it's just an amazing amazing thing the women's air force pilots to the rescue. They save the day and got the b twenty nine to become popular with male pilots. And then they took him overseas and fought more, obviously. So it's really cool. And I wanna thank Claudine for sending us all that information together. Thank you very much. It is nine forty three.

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