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10 Doppler radar Seeing those storms firing up over parts of northern Broward County, also southwestern Miami Dade County near Hialeah, getting some heavy thunderstorm activity at the moment it is 401 Harada Saturday says he doesn't want to add a Florida parents stressed when it comes to deciding other Children should learn this fall. The governor stressed that it is their decision for parent prefers distance learning by all means they have every right to out for distance learning. But for parents that really want to have that face to face instruction we want every parent in Florida have options for that. The governor joined by Florida State Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward in Florida, Gator great Lito Sheppard, as he said he stands with coaches and athletes who also want to return to face to face competition. Meanwhile, the Florida Education Associations lawsuit over the state requiring schools to reopen this month. Well, he moved out of Miami Dade until Leon County to receive a faster review. Miami Dade Judge Spencer Reid says he's moving the case to Tallahassee so it doesn't get bogged down and procedural issues. Attorney Kendall Coffey unsuccessfully argued the case should remain in Miami Dade because it's the epicenter of all Corona virus cases is perhaps the worst coverted threatened community in America is the most appropriate venue for this case shot the state's largest teachers union wants to block what it calls reckless and unsafe reopening of public school campus. SIS were face to face instruction. The governor has already asked the judge to dismiss the case. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is infected with Corona virus statement from his official Twitter Page says he was tested before he was scheduled to meet with President Trump. When he arrived in Cleveland. The test revealed he had the virus, but he's got no symptoms. Last month, Oklahoma's Kevin Stitt became the first governor to.

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