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Somewhat. i mean it was. It was something i mean. It was almost like it was almost like a celebration which was a failed drug test in its own merit and again great pay all. It says i'm letting my actions speak for themselves. That's told the press love. it sounds ready. I spoke volumes. Four days later. Random drug testing random emphasis on around them. They tested maradona and his body tested positive for creek well. Every single drug known to man five variants of ephedra a cocktail of drugs according to chief and god they would know a cocktail of drugs. And that is that. Is the man both ends of the spectrum. Dave greatness greatness amongst chaos. Dave really the sport's greatest rebel. I mean how would you rank him in terms of human beings. You have watched kicker football. Well i mean you look at the goal and eighty six and the other one's a youtube is the goal in one thousand nine hundred ninety against brazil in thing us lost sixteen game He didn't have a great world cup that year. But he was amazing in that game scored an amazing goal against the sal I like to remember again that in that way as a human being remembering him phenomenal phenomenal like no one else. Pre messy before messy you know schooled more amazing goals than pele and just unplayable on playable footballer to me. The debate was always maradona. Or pele and i was always always maradonna. Pele to me was the man who weeks global football's platform where commercial reality was almost a billboard too. Good to be true and the thing. A made me revere diego. Maradona was his humanity. His strengths and weaknesses. We are all flawed. Human beings and diego maradona the just his strengths were greater than anybody. His weaknesses were greater than anybody's and that is the poetry of the man. He contains an experienced all all of humanity and to me. What makes him the game. The human if you have two hours go to hbo tonight. Go to our friend. Asif kapadia film about maradona. And you'll see the the humanity the the one the the darkness. Just the regimen. By the time we got to italy to naples and live day a life. Where for monday until thursday he would be living life. I'd say the mesa single as a family show just say live life for the batta bang. He did he live life. Alabama bang to the full on friday and saturday. They were cleaning them up. They detox him hit that he hit the running mail. Each sweat out the toxins. You sweat out the darkness. And on sunday weekend week out he would thrill thrill the entire region of the south and deliver glory and then go again and what shop film and you will you will see. Not just the greatness of of maradonna donna. donna and the emotional range of life. The like of which we won't see again david. Yeah absolutely I'm reading through quotes of diego maradona. To try and find something apt to to end it with a will. I'm not finding anything. But i'm just. I'm just blown away by his sense of humor again. Can they get in the post match. Press conference at eighty-six six he goes. I was wasting but my teammates to embrace me and no one came. I told them come hungry. Or the referee isn't going to allow it so good. God god i let's end nowhere. Words which are we and worthless and lost on the ma'am boat. Words have go describing the greatest football right in my mind adwa gala leon. The uruguayan poet a very true human. One the encapsulates. Maradona he galliani maradona. Soccer's may strident rebel. Also me fantastic player. Maradona is controllable. When he speaks but much more so when he plays. No one can predict the devilish tricks. This inventor of surprises will dream up for the simple joy of throwing the computers off track tricks. He never repeats. He's not quick like a short leg bull but he carries the ball so into his foot has always all over. His body is acrobatics lighter. The field he could win a match with a thundering blast when his back is to the goal or with an impossible pass from a fall when he's corralled by thousands of enemy likes and no one can stop him when he decides to dribble up failed in the frigid soccer. Today's world which detests defeat. Him forbids all fun. That man was one of the few who proved that fantasy to can be effective to fantasy day. Yep diego maradonna courage..

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