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Know what i figured i'm not saying normal abnormal i'm just saying i see him on the street i'm not i'm not looking at a look at twice yeah we'll because he's not hot but i've seen like white burned me i'm looking like that i've seen like yeah there's nothing special on what he looks like to me he legit let's like somebody made a racist chinese lego yes you as are savage i'm not going like oh you look weird i'm just like yeah same person then again i just see everyone's blobs anyway so i'm probably with until he makes a joke then his dick if he's funny he's hot as fuck and he's pretty funny he told everyone why don't we really told him run but you know he's a billionaire yeah so he's a big fan of kung fu and he funded his own pretty much a hong kong chinese expendable got all the greats donnie hung jackie chan jet li can you put himself himself as one of actions ed's gray and everyone was super donna do he's a fucking billionaire do that's like youtubers blake whatever they want to do they're just like yeah i'm i'm a dancer now a singer now i got the i got michael jackson's vocal coach he's a tubers are so i wanna us it's so funny because i think sometimes like fans boost of confidence so much i'm a singer it's like no you're not a sick nobody i got i not the best vocal of taylor swift's vocal coach thing that does it make it with singer what can't you do that you can't do that too many s mary thank you guys that is all in los angeles for this edition of jk news i am bart and i'm joe and we'll be back on monday with another very engaging tasty chilling.

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