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Award up. A welcome to the smoking tire podcast. This episode is brought to you by INOVA tricks in of electronics is a solutions company that utilizes their automotive aftermarket experience and diagnostic expertise to empower the automotive aftermarket to find the problem and to fix the problem in vote was founded in Orange County California in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, and has thirty plus years of automotive experience they focus on automotive diagnostics in the they higher topnotch ASC technicians dedicated to improving your vehicles usage. They have Obeidi one to diagnostic tools ranging from the entry level car scan reader fifty, one, ten, which diagnosis everything from check engine mornings to road trip readiness even ideal for pre inspecting a used car prior to purchase. Made for all levels of experience or they've got the car scan pro fifty-six, ten scanner. This is the most feature rich scannon tool in the range empowering the enthusiast level, DIY, R- with professional level functionality. The fifty six ten has a special reset functions, which is what dealers have. They've got an enhanced data stream for systems like. Transmission, your engine and they have bidirectional control. So you can send commands to the vehicle to test functionalities like fuel pompadour, electric parking breaks it all goes through the repair solutions to APP. This is a this is a serious serious thing we've got going on here. The interval electron units are available online and in store at. INOVA. Dot. Com Amazon on a nearly all major auto parts stores here's the deal you go to in UVA DOT COM? Right in UVA DOT com. Use Code Tst a discount to receive a twenty percent discount off your order plus free shipping that offers good until October sixteenth sixteenth. So go to Inova I n an OVA DOT COM use code T. S. T. at checkout to receive a twenty percent discount off your order and free shipping. Until October sixteenth at Inva-, you find the problem and then you fix the problem in Uva Dot. Com Code Tst, we're brought to you by crowding caliber guys. Crowning caliber is what's up you should always buy your watches used. You should never buy a brand new watch unless you're on one of them hot lists to get the new joints talking about you gotta get the used watches right and crowning caliber is the hub of used luxury timepieces it's rolex tutor Omega Paneriai even Paddock and The high end man, they've got it all. They've got over two thousand watches in stock. They've got a team of watchmakers and service technicians to make sure to stuff is working right and they have limited mechanical warranty that way with you get to watch even if it's an older watch vintage watch. It's not working right. They will make it right at crowning caliber. They're good folks over there. Crowning calories always got something going on whether it's giveaways or the blog helping you learn about washes they'll even take in your trade or by your watch from you. That's why we love him crowning caliber dot..

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