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If you were told me over under fourteen and a half episodes of rob Makita podcast in twenty eighteen. Yeah. I mean when will you taking this like before the like in August? Yeah. I definitely would've take mine. Get. Yeah. At the beginning, we were sort of like doing one we gone when we go off when we on two weeks off. I think we did. Because part of the conceit of this was like, well kind of thing where if we don't do it one week, and it's not a big deal. And I think we only missed like one week. Yeah. Yeah. We're we're pretty good. Yeah. I do think. Now, what's the over under for episodes twenty nineteen? I the over under is probably. Forty two and a half. Yeah. That's about where I would set down there. I but I'm over forty two half. That's a lot of weeks. You can take off and still win. Yeah. I think they might set it forty five and a half. By the way, kiva Mike kid, watched home alone. And we're not scared. Okay. Marvin Harry, not scary. Maybe you know, more. They were they were more way. More scared of shovel guy. Shovel guy is scary. Obviously you should be scared forever. And he was never in my closet when I was a kid only, Marvin Harry were MacAulay Culkin getting a little too flannel too close to the sun right now. If you haven't noticed on social media, right? Yeah. He was gone for thirty years. Now, he's back, and he's like pretending that he's never been gone and just wants to like go viral everyday. I'm not buying this MacAulay. Yeah. What what's his n game? I mean, I guess like get a lot of endorsement deals on social media like sling fifty. I'm not sure I know he I think he wants to be the dad in all Malone reboot. If I'd get home alone. But I was trying to think of this the other day, I had a couple of jabs destroy it would crush crush it homeowner boot. So here's here's a couple of things Hove Andrzej Wallace. What you don't know Hershey's? From that movie. She's like she's like a girl. She was big a couple years ago on. Andrzej wallace. She could be she might be too old. I don't know old. She is old. How old is MacAulay Culkin ten in that movie? I think he's supposed to be eight. I don't know a lot of child actors, but I feel what is this name? Yvonne, Janeane Walla von j just I think that's our last name. What's the name of that movie? I don't even know what you're talking about. You know, quote, Andre she was like all over the huskers a couple years ago beasts of the southern wild Google of the southern wild Couvonges will come up to three you know, what she's twelve fifteen. Forget it. I'm sorry. Von Janai, you'll be the big sister. So here's here's where we start. So grownup MacAulay Culkin is back as Kevin McAllister adul-. Yes. Kevin mcallister. Okay. And so that I have couple of ideas. So one is Kevin McAllister is now the world's greatest Kappler. He uses his ability to. Make traps and being a sociopath for evil. He grew up to be this generation's, Marvin Harry Harrison Auburn Harris going around doing something. He could get into legal trouble at one point Marvin Harrison, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. With With just. just. Don't don't woke up Marvin dark alley. So he's he's in the hall of fame for football and for alleged murders. You've gone was during war. Listen, I mean, I think it was a fight over like money. So you're wearing arrested. He might have been you might think he was he was that being either is because he or is he sort of a down on his luck thief, or is he down on his luck in life. And then he runs into Marvin Harry, and they convince him to go on one last heist and one little you're like one less highest. What's actually, and they know stern? Do you know, you know, that they did a commercial for gruel home that that MacAulay Culkin is in? Oh, that's why he's been in the news. The last few weeks. It's been the news. Yes. They got Pepsi's voice for this home commercial, no Daniel star. And they didn't show. Stern was from show business. Listen one this job..

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