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That gave kappler did first week of the season even the first game of the season for the phillies but pulling aaron nola after sixty eight pitches okay we know that aaron knowle's great we don't know that he would be seiyung caliber this year but we knew aaron nola that's an ace so he comes out sixty eight pitches he is dealing what about the bullpen we have no idea to this point coming into the season nobody knew sarangani dominguez was going to be this and if you're gonna take this team that preseason over under win total seventy seven point five if you're gonna take this team and make some kind of meaningful run you need to have bullpen arm after bullpen arm after bullpen arm why not start trying to figure that out why not start testing guys unexpected you assume when air starts like that he's going to finish the game all of a sudden we got a warm up yes there were some miscues and it was ugly at times but you do get that oduber harare sitting on opening day what did he do after that that's not coincidence that's causality gape kappler even if he wasn't a finished product early and he still isn't he at least showed you signs what signs do we have with markelle foltz i get that he's nineteen but that's part of the calculus here is that he is that young he's a kid how close is he is he to being realistically a contributor on a team that is now going to catch boston you gotta try to catch boston it'd be one thing if the sixers were the front runners in the eastern conference with simmons and embiid and let's say that jalil oke afford in bust or nerlens noel didn't work didn't not work out it'd be one thing.

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