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Carry Kilmer from Chicago Fire. She is 33 as well. J. R. Martinez is 38 today It's a former U. S Army soldier who suffered severe burns on 40% of his body in Iraq. He then went on to be a motivational speaker and got a role on all my Children and one the 13th season of dancing with the stars. That's a hell of, uh, Love array that he's obviously been on. In addition to the service, Yeah, I used to watch him on tableau coat on the soap opera. I forget you said it was all my Children. Yeah. I don't know which one it was that they all kind of blur together back when I was watching, so really do Yeah. For a couple of years, I would watch soaps. I just leave it on. But so I did that I did that one summer. I think it was the summer before it was either before or after eighth grade. I was went to Oklahoma to visit my dad. My grandfather stayed in my dad's for a week stayed at my grandfather's for a week and for whatever reason I started watching General Hospital for that week, and I'll admit I got into it for a week. J. R. Martinez, Though he can dance. He deserved that mirror ball trophy, unlike uh, I like that Bobby Bones fella who doesn't really know to step if it hit him in the face. No, paso if it kicked him in the nuts and couldn't Chaka his way out of a I don't know. Shot shop store bag. I don't want to go ahead. That's that's to comment. That's Jar Jar bag. Come on, Well, the list combining it's not terrible. Alright, Academy Award winning writer slash stripper. Diablo. Cody is 43. She's the one that wrote the movie Juno. Since then, she also wrote. She also created the Showtime series United States of terror, which is actually really, really good. She also wrote Jennifer's body, Young Adult and Ricki and the Flash. From blind spots. Sullivan Stapleton is 44 Tennis star Former tennis star Steffi Graf is 52. Formerly of Baywatch. Yasmin belief turns 53 today, Boy George is 60 45th, president of the United States. Donald J. Trump is 75 Marla Gibbs. From the Jeffersons and one of my favorite shows from the eighties 2 to 7. She is 90 today. So did you like that one too. Oh, yeah, of course to seven. Mm. All right. So there are your birthdays for it today, So we obviously had a bunch of issues with ercot over the winter, and now we're already having issues with them for the summer. ERCOT, the governing body that oversees the electric grid in Texas, said on Monday that Forced generation outages and high temps in Texas could stress the electricity grid. They asked all Texans to reduce electric use as much as possible. June 14th through Friday, June 18th, I guess on Saturday, we just all go, you know nuts. But they did say in the news released a significant number of force generation outages, combined with potential record electric use for the month of June has resulted in tight grid conditions. Will be conducting a thorough analysis with generation owners to determine why so many units are out of service. This is unusual for this early in the summer season. I think they're saying that we had unseasonably warm temperatures the last couple of days, which I mean, it's June's of Texas. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not expecting 100 degree days, but I mean, I'm not going to be surprised if there are them. What's the exactly? The current heat index is it over 100? The last I checked, It was right at 100. Yeah, I mean, it's not. It's not crazy today, just because it's already hotter, like like the other. You know, the other day. It was like, you know, a high of 92. But it felt like 100. That's a big swing. Yeah, like Friday. Friday was the kind of turning point for me where I kind of realized. Oh, I don't want to be outside at all, like period for you to go back inside for the summer. Not even like walking out to like the car or something like that, huh? I think I think we should do is you should submit a, uh there's no like formal request to work from home. But just say just email. Just email. Don Davis our program but can be like, Hey, I'm gonna work from home. And let him respond back with got covid and be like No, It's too hot. Yeah, I gotta walk outside to get to my car to get to work. And it's just it's too much to ask if it's just one reason that's unreasonable. Where's the thermometer in your car? I've always wondered that because you know, it says how hot it is outside and every once more like today. I get in the car instead of 114, and then it slowly went back down. Yeah, you know, like, where does that live in the car? I would imagine. It's maybe right on the interior of the windshield. Uh, I've always just wondered. One time I got in it was, you know one of those 103 degree days, and it was 135 in my car or outside or whatever. That's a really good question. I want to know the answer to that. Now. Where is that? Is Google limiter? How accurate like you better Google it and give an answer before everyone starts calling in? Yeah, I know. I know where most manufacturers place the thermometer. On the front of the car behind the grill. This location exposes the instruments readings to re radiated heat from the road surface in a cool spot of the car. Uh, All right,.

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