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So when I when I did the final my question is they promised me, uh, floor mats and the privacy screen for the back of the SUV. Yeah, and all he did was right on the card. Um, but my friend was there when he offered these things, and it's been a while. How long when you say when you say a while? How long is a while? A couple of weeks. Oh, that's not a while. That's fine. Uh, now here a couple of problems. You have number one is it's not in the contract. Okay? That's a problem Number two. The fact that your friend it was there. That doesn't mean much because a friend, of course your friend lie for you. At least that's what a judge is small claims Judge would would look at and go. Yeah, I mean, come on, I can get a friend alive for me to any time in court. Now was it on the back of the card that said, you are going to get these additional items. Yes, I had him right on his business card. That's not bad, Then I then it's if you buy the car, so I mean, he's going to say that. Well, you got it at a lower price and just all this other crap, But you're going to say, Hey, here it is. He wrote it. I think that's enough to get a small claims Judge to buy it. I really do. How much money we're talking about. About 600 bucks. Oh, yeah, That's where small claims and the argument is a straight straight out breach of contract straight breach. You promised he promised he didn't deliver. I don't know. So I would also argue fraud. You could actually argue fraud and he did it intentionally fraud in the inducement, which means I He induced you to buy a car with a false Promise that he never intended to keep, uh and then you have breach of contract. So here's our written contract just because it's not on one piece of paper doesn't matter. The two are well, the other thing. Yeah, The other thing he did was when I went back and purchased it. I didn't bring my friend because everything was finalized. He gave me one file. But he had told me to. All right then what you do. No, no, no. All right. I don't I got that because I've Yeah, and by the way, even if that's not written in, you can argue. I want the fob. Why is that? Because that's what happens with every new car on the planet. Is you Get two keys. Right? No one ever. No dealer ever would sell you one key. So Sue for the $600. I think you have it. Thank you. Unfortunately. Drives me crazy. How scooter doing better? All right again, Holiday season. I'm going to let this one go. All right, Scooter, Let's hear it. Bill. You know, I've been a fan of yours for 10 years you were the persons made me want to become a lawyer, and now I need you to decide. Between USC law School and Duke Law School. The decision is yours. Where should I go? Wow, First of all, Of course, you've been a fan for 10 years. The That's a given. You don't have to tell me that. Uh and You know, that actually is a very interesting judge. Just a little bit of history. You know? Richard Nixon went to Duke. Yes, OK. Yeah. A lot of other people don't know. Uh, I think SC if you live in Southern California, and I'll tell you why, because of the networking that goes on When you meet people at SC, you see how many judges you'll see How many prosecutors how many partners Uh, in various law firms all come from SC, and it could be that there are more SC people in the legal field. In southern California, and then there any other school and assuming and they're both decent schools, etc. Is considered a very good school. The only reason I say that is I went to one of the worst law schools in the history of law schools. You know that, don't you? My dear law school. Yeah. Whittier, its now defunct. It's gone. It's out of business. They shut down. It's like the gap. Okay, it's over. Uh, where'd you go undergrad by the way. A school in New York. You've never heard of before, but but you got in there. See yet Anesi lost. Yeah, I did. Yeah, well, good for you. Um how'd you do on the others? ET by the way, Just curious. I've got a 1 69 l c I don't know the L s a t when I was doing 6 90. What is that? 96%? That's very good. Yeah, when I went, uh I did. It was a $1600 Mark. And what did I get? 304? 100. You got 500 for writing your name? And that's where it started. Scooter. Good luck to you Enjoy. I would go there, see, and you'll probably knocks. You're probably not succeed at all anyway,.

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