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Continues with chapter forty six and chapter forty five. Joanna was confronted by the killer saved only by rusty who was shot in the process of saving her life and it seems that things are spinning out of control. That's where chapter forty. Six picks up. Terry pull joanna to one side then turn to face the others. Time for a change of plans. The apothecary is no longer safe. I'll take bud joanna to my place. I'll bring joanna back for her taichi class. Tomorrow matt looked over at john. Sounds good all the apothecary and we'll camp out in the apartment snow. She'll be back in the woods tonight. Three of us a walk the place down to nfl taking care of but at the same time out of control. There was no doubt in her mind. Bud needed to be out of harm's way in quiet safe place to cooperate. But where would this leave her. They rolled rusty onto a blanket. And with the help of stan. Mack and john got him in his hundred pounds down the stairs. And into the back of the austin. healey stand. gave joanna bag of painkillers. New bottle of senators to give him a night sleep but climbed on joanna's lap and they were off. Terry owned a one story three bedroom house with attached garage. When they arrived to parked in the driveway ran up and opened the front door. Then help joanna and luck rusty. Who is still sedated. Out of the healy into the house. Once inside they sit him down for rest. Let's take him to the hall The room at the end of the hall actually terry said joanna. This this will be your room. I think you need to be near rusty. In the event that he wakes up on the counter three they picked up the blanket and a hundred pounds of sleepy dog. They dragged down. The hall staggered into the bedroom and lay the sleeping dog at the foot of the bed. Then quietly stepped into the hall. Left the door open and follow terry into the kitchen. Guess what we're having for dinner. Join a walk over to. The refrigerator appeared inside the large pot of chili. Then shut the door. Let me guess. Chilly terry smiled garlic bread and beer but consumed three bottles of beer and cd feeling no pain but remained seated while joanna and terry cleared the table. All three moved into the living room..

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