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Gear that's designed to be as rugged as the places we explore. Like the South American singer? Yeah. Oh. Okay. That's how I learned Spanish. All those songs. I'd like to begin my apology. Where's she from? Mexico. Hey guys, I thought you were welcome to the burger center. That's why we're here. Yes, welcome. This is the Christmas edition of the barret east render. Can we call this one the bear grease reindeer then? Oh, got it. Play on words there. I will submit that to Hayden. The bear grease reindeer. If there was a burger right here, it would be mounted up on the floor. Man, what a group we have today. We have, we have the standard, the standard 6, it got Brent reads, my left, wearing a fine pair of overalls, and I'd say a 20% war down bear grease hat. Josh Lambert spill maker, wearing a lamb bridge. Wearing the land bridge mustache himself. Misty Newcomb. Good to be here. To your left to your left, Isaac Neil. Assistant to the producer of berry's podcast. Yep. Just happy to be invited. And to your left is the believer himself, Gary newcombe. Good to see you. But who didn't know who you couldn't have expected, who was going to be here, is the one and only juju nukem. My mother. And I'll introduce the second, the second person after this. You figure that part out, right? It is so fantastic to have you here. I am really glad to be here. I'm honored to be here today. With the annual Christmas party of bergeries. Why don't you tell us what you've brought for us all? Oh, I brought some Christmas cookies like I did last year. And I'm just happy to be here and send merry Christmas greetings to all your listeners and let them know I'll do read all of their comments and I get on to play. If he does something wrong, are ignore something. So have I ever been wrong in a comment? Oh no, but sometimes you don't answer them. So great to have you. Hope y'all all have said Christmas. Gigi has brought the Christmas spirit on us today. Yes. Okay, the second guest that we have very special guest, I first time guest on the bear grease podcast, the one and only Bailey Reed. Welcome to batteries. This is Brent Reeves daughter. That's my buddy. How are you? Good. What are you doing for Christmas this year? Opening presents? Wow. Nice.

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