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We didn't like his book, we would find a nice way to say it. But I mean that is assuming that we like the book that is assuming that we like the book. But anyway, I just didn't want anybody think like Boris Boris. The Pug is not paying us under the table on David's behalf for a positive review. Jonah junkies cannot be bought. Well, we can be bought with with pug kisses we can yeah, if a pug was like willing to come visit us get on a plane from Scotland and like home Deliver us a book think we would give it a good review no matter what we'd certainly give a good review to the Pug. Yes. The book was terrible but this pug, oh my God manners of a saint. Oh, by the way, I guess we should say sweetheart is doing great adjusting nicely. We play peek-a-boo from the time we get to hang out a little bit and he's eating he's being a very good boy doing lots of spores and snuggles and we're very honored that Cathy Blake was honored that sounds weird to say but she was so happy when we posted about sweetheart and you know, of course she wrote his namesake so and right now he's holding cables together right now for our show is doing a great job just being a little cable tie until he can promote up to some other technology work in the studio. All right, let's get into it. Maggie's grave a horror novel by David sadhukhan the small Scottish town of aachen Milan is dead and has been for years. It's it's in the shadow of a mountain forgotten and birth. Roofing in the Perpetual Gloom 47 residents are all that remain. There's nothing to do there. Nothing to see except for a solitary grave near the top of the mountain Maggie wall buried here as a witch wage needs The Faded inscription, but sometimes the dead don't stay buried especially when they have unfinished business and that's where we'll leave you in the description that sprung said there's just some blurbs and stuff to which I I I'm excited. Let's talk about it. Let's do it. And so I want to point out first and foremost David explains that this is based on a real monument in Scotland real grave, you know, there's there's definitely differences and they don't really know where it came from but there's a real grave that stands that that says Maggie burned here as a witch. Yeah, Maggie wall and that's he includes a picture of it actually at the end of the novel so very very dead. Mysterious sad interesting and as somebody who loves to read or write you could just see that monument and your imagination just runs wild. So, we're big fans of David's Auto Grand here. We've said that we've reviewed all his books and we've liked all his books loved all his books is more active adored Edward off. He's fabulous. I've said it once I will say it again. He writes horror books for people who love horror every single one is a love letter to horror fans doubles in different sub-genres always expertly and with a very Deft hand and very Deft understanding for that sub-genre having loved all of his books. I have to say Maggie's grave is my favorite. It is my favorite to date. It is my favorite. I love folk or and I love everything about this poem. I have to agree with you. I mean, it's it's not a secret that you and I are absolute David Sauter grandstands. Yeah, but this book is Just A step above and and and and that is incredible for how much we love his other. Yes from the very first two sentences of the book right to the very end. I was absolutely obsessed with this novel which would be my experience score pure Obsession. I have to say my my personal experience.

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