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Teach your unions measure passed tonight 73 form representative lewis lang we take this success imperfect bill but a bill that will enable schools stay open and what is nothing more important than that the bill moves to the senate tomorrow the bill also provides seventy five million dollars in tax credits for people who donate to private school scholarships that provision not supported by teachers unions they say it takes money wave from public schools another mass evacuation situation in texas officials in fort bend county in area bordering houston are bracing for record flooding along the bravo's river levy is now tropical storm harvey continues to pound the region county judge robert a bear we're not going through this alone and i want to mention them outside agency he's from texas arizona louisiana floored in the federal government it brought assets ranging from airboats the high highwater rescue vehicles to drones two helicopters more rain is expected to fall over the next few days as tropical storm harvey curls around in back into the area the president and first lady are scheduled to visit the region affected by her iq cain harvey tomorrow the shooting at a public library in clovis new mexico today killing two women and injuring four others the city's police chief saying the suspect gave himself up to a riding officers no motive has been reported here's clovis police chief douglas ford sugar is a custody all are finish look awards any will be taken from elsewhere according to south korean officials north korea fired a ballistic missile from outside its capital of paeon yang that passed over japan the missile reportedly traveled over 1600 miles residence on the northern northernmost japanese island of hokkaido were warned of a north korean missile launch by cell phone alerts in an email the told people to stay inside president trump's personal lawyer is confirming the president's company pursued a project involves cow during last year's republican primary but says the plan was abandoned for business reasons attorney michael cohen says he sent an email to russian president vladimir putin spokesman as part of a potential deal and chicago public school students will now learn about a dark period in.

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