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Says NFL Hold our beer again right once again hold our beer, right. And Michael K is telling, uh, that's not Gary Cole that he should be throwing at Josh Donaldson, Josh Townsend's ribs and breaking her. I agree with what what Jason is saying. Give us an explanation for why you came to the conclusion that and you know where I stand on this. I have said it is in the age of zoom in the age of technology, and Mark Lazarus, who covers the Hawks, and an interesting thing like we don't even need the umpires in that the umpires are not even involved in this. They have the stupid headsets on And as Lazarus put, you could put a green light red light. If the challenge is successful to green light. If it's not, it's a red light. You don't need them. Why are we watching umpires and headsets? What we need is what the XFL did. I don't know if you remember what the XFL did, and there should be a camera on the guy reviewing the play, and he should talk you through it, and they should put it on the jumbo trying In the stadium and on our broadcast. We should get the camera in the sound of the guy. We're reviewing the play in New York, and he could announce This is the angle. It's inconclusive. We don't know where he tagged him. And this is why it is full transparency. Full transparency. What are you afraid of? Like we don't need makeup umpires. We don't need these guys. These guys stink anyway, They're going to be robot home going to D. C with some of the calls Last night from the I was watching the Cubs Padres game. I don't think I've seen a worst performance by a home plate umpire all year long. And there was one game this year where I've got, like only 85% of the strikes and balls, right? So it is that the home plate umpire through a bat in unintentionally and hit Jose Bre you in the leg last, so I don't need those guys might need less of those guys. What I need is New York with technology today. It is so easy to just put the camera there and to say, okay? Fans. Now we go to New York. What are they going to rule wants them review it. Getting it right is is the ultimate issue here, But it's also entertainment. And if you're looking to, and this is just another way to do it, right if you're looking to appease your fans. And give them an inside. Look at something else. How does it work? How's the sausage made, you know, show us who just think it. It's not going to be the determining factor for whether or not I sit down and watch a baseball game. It just enhances the present. Absolutely. And it tells you why. And he says, Look. Don't know if he's safer out here. We can tell definitive anyone where he was tagged based on our evaluation here, and we don't even know if they have extra camera angles, right? That's the other thing. You're you're absolutely right. Like the ones that we see on replay. We don't know if Major League baseball's secret angles. I don't know how they would do that. But I still want to know. I mean, Yeah, I think I think it would enhance and I did not really realize that. But Jason also said we this has been promised. What going forward after the 2021 season? Is that well right that they're going to be like. Think about it. The NBA referees now explain what they see at least cos you're going to be miked up and tell you what has transpired. But But I think the referee is a part of the review process in the N F in a in the NFL and also be in the NBA would think hockey. They do this to Major League Baseball is the only sport That you don't get an explanation to why they either upheld or changed. I would also think that the guy who made the call should be on the head said actually, in some way, shape or form whether it's it's Pertinent or not explaining what happened to the replay official as well or just be there. If there's a question that needs to be asked, Alright, we'll ask Len KASPER about this. His thoughts. We'll ask him what the sacks should be looking for position. Player wise, the voice of the White Sox Len KASPER joins us next, he was listening to Waddle and Sylvia..

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