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Finals in National League parks, the Rockies next opponents the Phillies rally to beat the Giants after giving up on early lead. Zach F. Flynn had them in front 4 to 1. But in the seventh inning, Darren Rough it a three run homer to tie things for the Giants after the Giants took a 54 lead. Bryce Harper homered. To read claim the territory if you will for the Phillies, and then they got a walk off base it from Andrew Knapp to knock in the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning. In addition to the Harper, Homer, Mickey Mani yak Monje kid his first big league home run money. Jack was the number one pick overall in the baseball draft as a high schooler back in 2016, Trevor Rogers, seven. Shutout innings for the Marlins with eight strikeouts, a three run fifth inning for the fish. Or all the runs that Rogers and Yumi Garcia, who got the save his fourth would deed. Hey, Suse AG E L R and Adam DeVol knocked in the Miami runs three. Nothing. The fish beat the birds in Miami there in the seventh inning in Washington, and we have a one to nothing advantage. Washington over the Cardinals. Missouri native Max Shires, ER six innings of four hit shutout, pitching with nine strikeouts. The Cardinals Have AH allowed just the one Washington run, but so far that is enough. The Brewers and Padres playing in San Diego, sixth inning there The pods have a 2 to 1 lead but to Nelson Willamette, one of their fine young pitchers who they are counting on this year, made his debut and it lasted only two innings. Before he had to leave with right forearm tightness. He had elbow issues, and his season was cut short, ah, year ago. They completed this suspended game. In Cincinnati, the Diamondbacks win it by a 5 to 4 count a bases loaded walk the difference in that one. And the other game there has yet to get started, plus later on the Mets at Chicago, Zach Davies for the Cubbies and David Peterson from reaches Jesuit will pitch for the Mets. The Rockies beat the Astros Day off tomorrow and then the fills in town on Friday. We'll get all the coverage. Information your way coming up next on the K away Iraqis Radio Network. Welcome to Colorado, where.

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