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The komo twenty four hour news center line jeff pohjola the rapper nelly has been arrested in auburn on allegations of rape this happens down near auburn is after a show last night the woman accusers the robber whose real name is cornell haines of assaulting her on his tour noor bus while it was in the parking lot of a local walmart police earlier was enough evidence to make an arrest in new delhi was booked into jail early this morning in a statement his attorney calls the allegations completely fabricated and devoid of credibility meanwhile president trump not offering any clarification on his cryptic comments will be made reporters earlier this week president possibly referring to coming military action if gloria riviera has more from washington the white house has yet to fully explain the president's cryptic comments last week regarding a calm before the storm that is how he referenced his meeting with top military leaders at the white house abc news press the president and the press secretary to clarify these comments come amid escalating tensions with north korea and the administration's expected decertification of the nuclear deal with iran lawyer their abc news washington deputies are questioning two teenagers about a brush fire that threatened the neighborhood and graham yesterday investigators say the fourteen and fifteen year olds have not been arrested the do live near the spot where the fire started the flames came within a few feet of some homes matthew garcia evacuated side inside the fire now rush far is out this morning rain helped with the hospitals overnight families who evacuated are now back home a long time seattle spoke radio host is announced he's no longer with the station after he entered an alford plea on a charge of patronizing a prostitute mitch believe he who is the host for years on cage aar sports radio says his twenty three year tenure is now officially over the times says court records show that levy of bellevue thursday entered a plea on a misdemeanor charge almost six weeks after he was arrested during an undercover prostitution staying in the offered plea he does not admit guilt but acknowledges that there is sufficient evidence for conviction if the case where to go to trial he was sentenced to two years.

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