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W. WHY PR and PR REX. It's out of the blocks one neighborhood. Everybody's story every everybody's everybody's story. We are perched at the edge of an Icefield just footsteps from hiking mountains. Going out to glacier's looking over at the state capital capital and the minor amount of hustle bustle of downtown Juneau and also looking out at the big cruise ships. Pull in here during the summer and flood parts downtown. The town with people were visiting me. Our town is so much more than our landscape. There's the sense of Kind of being stuck with each other. That creates this bond between us. You know I like to say that we belong to each other from producers. Aaron Hinton and Wendell Patrick Fuel producer MK mcnaughton gotten out of Juneau Alaska. Right after this well out of the blocks is made possible by Catholic charities with a message about hope. Hope is what keeps US going. You see people struggling struggling in the community and you hope things get better for him but hope is just the start what they were someone you loved. You'd support them find them. Resources gain their trust standby their side as they make strides toward a better life. That is why Catholic charities exists communities. Get stronger one life at a time this giving Tuesday. Turn your compassion into action and join the movement to improve lives give on December third at CC DASH MD dot org slash slash. Stand with us. There.

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