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In our j style right here in a latenight snack the sport station 105 3 defect some inside notes that were sent to me on this game to some stuff to keep in mind which i always appreciate this info being relate and i wanted to get it to year murmur hammer here is some little nerdy things but the cowboys in the niners cowboys average starting feel position on the road is the best in the nfl oh they start on the 33 yard lied that she learned that a denver neither is average starting field position is the thirty three in their stadia that's the best that any teams in the league at hall the forty nine ers bad on defense they play way too much defense they need to be on the field for six minutes less kind of sounds like our situation the niners can move of the ball but can they actually score what a week to prepare for this new quarterback cj beth third cowboys should be able to handle on the panthers against said the niners played zone and allowed no big plays held them to two hundred eighty seven total yards and the forty nine ers would have a win if they could convert in the red zone six for eighteen on third downs in the red zone so feel position some thirddown stealth planes on against some there's some inside nerds stats to get you before the game on sunday which we had the cowboys of course wedding and hopefully it's a state and again the telegraph have drafted a lot of defensive talent eric armed says going to missing in this game on looking forward actually seeing rubin foster on the field silence houses had a nice start but they're still lower in that offensive rankings 28 overall on the season they're gonna have to give big game from roger craig and ricky watters they want to win this one ricky watters i love watching him all right what's the saw that article from our boy gillaibrand we love gillaibrand even though guilt what a little crazy this.

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