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They're committed athletes and coaches character. Not an hamilton and jenny frost. Here's your favorite. And let's let's get into that list not gains. I salute them up. I didn't even know their names. Hope hope said tuna correctly. I would actually have four opinions on this but anyway let's go is crucial. Well that's coming up in part four. How how are you both. My name is richard moore. I'm with lionel bernie. And dina free shops reunite by the tide is high. We moving on. I was a blondie song. Covered by atomic kitten was anyway that's extraordinary skill android and it's been a long time. I feel a bit rusty. You might have to help me through. This guy's m. i caught up with my cycling podcast on sunday am having really disengaged for a few weeks and so i think a lot. This episode will be taken out by corrections coroner to be honest because quite a few bloopers few blunders hair. We're getting the first one we can have now because the tide is high. I'm holding on. I just looked up the family so no. I didn't mind no now. We'll get onto the mistakes later on. i don't want to. I don't want to guess started on a cigarette lionel. You've been on holiday as well for a few days. Ritchie address just recovering from my mistakes. But yet i'm worried about it. I can't get my if i can get my blowing. I which i saw pictures of you going up for bike ride in spain and As far as it should illegal for anyone would like stop hail to ride a bike. I see. I think. I'm more time than i've ever been in my life. And that's a fact so slightly still paled. There's no hope for me. It's all a lot darker shade of alabaster now. I think it was the filter filter on the picture. Donald is still low. My opponents false sense of security. No i did go for a bike. Ride in spain with jelavic are the diarist 'em who peddled over from girona and to me and my brother am along the coast for a very nice bike rights. I had a few goes some of the some of the claims there. M the kingdom mountains record held by the likes of james knox than really that close to james knox a lot of fun on that subject. That paul has opted opting. Out of the way thais you're having originally been pencilled into the start list and well. It's a good thing for everyone. Who writing the weather. Because i i did some straw snooping the other day and paul went out for another Right around monaco needs a couple of days ago and he absolutely destroyed km Two point five kilometer climb approximately. I think lonzo gulf coast that was previously held by richie ports and you know if you scroll down the top ten. It was low the top boys in the peleton but paulk clearly still firing. So he's destroyed the koa men short sixty four round the gulf and then just went back and in some kind of open water swimming record twenty five minutes. Well chops. 'em shall we talk about. We're looking ahead to the con- really believe that. The vuelta is almost upon us. I is earlier than usual. Isn't thinks about a week earlier than than usual but it feels as if the third just just finished emerges recovering from that border bite to go again with the wealth and we'll be doing our usual daily coverage and we'll tell you more about lately. Her on will look ahead to the vuelta a lot in this episode. We'll look back a bit on the olympic games here from ethan hater. A member of the team silver medallist in the madison But before any of that vinyl avenue turned up for us yesterday rich as you say we're talking about the olympics bit later on and but to the track program concluded the weekend and well here are some of the highlights. Say these are my highlights. The italian team story was extraordinary. Not least because it daniel interested in track cycling for the grand total of three minutes and forty two seconds They won't record time for the italian quota and absolutely extraordinary final turn or decisive turn by filippo ghana to see off the danes in a sort of tug of war. Type final consum- controversy before that because denmark were Advanced through to the final after a crash in that match against great britain. Where frederick rosenberg. Basically rode into the back of charlie. Ten failed to cry. Britain at probably not realizing stanfield was the third man so still live in the rice. He hadn't been had been dropped by the other two but he he was still the counting rider and With with some degree of control she. Denmark were advanced to the gold medal. Final to throw line is that be okay to right into had you not been alive writer. No of course not as no of course not roses just clearing the riding into the back of somebody on the track is is really bad form. Isn't it yeah now meant was that was sort of an altercation after or one sided altercation. Can you have a one sided altercation. Now you can't really but Rosenberg remonstrated straight with ten field. And i suspect initially speculation. But i suspect he thought that ten field should have been the banking away from the racing. Line thinking that because he would detached from the rest of the great britain team he was the fourth man was in fact he was third man so confusion around really and Well denmark to got through to the final but the italians were you were actually standing and even danu impressed want you yes i. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Deny but the sort of was slightly Disrupted build up in terms of this ongoing story about the national team road coach W cassani and while we said a couple of weeks ago that he was probably about to lose his job in fact he's been given his marching orders even before the european championships on the world championships. Coming up it's going to be a sort of caretaker manager. We think battalion road national team there. But meanwhile marco villa the former track rider..

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