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Tweet IPC mobile, news on the. Level on the, go Putnam. County man in jail accused of the vandalism at a caramel synagogue. Showers. On radar, at seventy, two now, heavy rain maybe some storms in Eighty-one behind this afternoon I'm c.. J. Miller here's what's trending at seven oh two we hope that does, every Hanshin of these suspects. Sends a, clear message that we're, not, going to. Allow that in, Carmo Carmo police chief Jim Barlow after federal, charges were filed against a Cloverdale man accused of spray painting. Nazi symbols at Carmel synagogue last month Ninety-three WABC's Chris Davis reports the, cans of red and black spray paint were, found in Nolan brewers car says US attorney Josh wink Cloverdale area WalMart the day before, the synagogue. Leader's witnessed Nazi flags the video clearly shows brewer and his co conspirator buying among other things red and black spray paint he says they also had drain oh ten, foiling Gatorade, bottle said could. Have been, used to cause an explosion but he says Br Moore and the. Other person are not part of a bigger group as far as, they can tell Chris Davis, Ninety-three WIBC mobile news or police officers today at arsenal tech high school after a, fight among, students yesterday afternoon sent thirteen people to jail. At least eight were. Hurt one of them a. Police officer. Classes at the school today or running on a normal schedule ball state's trustees have changed their minds and we'll take off the name of, John schnatter from part of its campus the university board of, trustees voting to remove the name of Papa John's boundary from the school's institute for entrepreneurship. And free enterprise just two weeks ago the trustees said his name. Would. Stay as, part of, that enterprise, or as part of that school's institute schnatter's been accused of using. The n. word during a company conference call earlier this year ball state's, trustees yesterday said the schnatter's. Comments have, no place in our, society, investigators releasing. The nine one, one dispatch audio of the shooting in may, Noblesville west middle school Hey sorry medics restrict twenty two affairs I got one She's not. Talking now he met a teacher, Jason semen thirteen-year-old Ella Whistler were. Hurt in that shooting but are both back at school the thirteen year old boy accused of shooting. Is, facing two charges of attempted murder, in, juvenile court well this was south Benz. Mayor p Buddha judge. Yesterday talking about your former governor Mike Pence vice president one. Heartbeat away from the Oval Office is a social extremist the likes of which. Our country has not known in national office trust me I know Buddha judge, said that yesterday to a, gathering for Democrats in Illinois running for office in November and it's. Week one of high school football across the. States tonight it's the horseshoe classic at Lucas oil stadium the first game of that double header is the cathedral fighting Irish taking on the Noblesville Miller's cathedral teams that felt like they had a chance. To play for a championship and they, were disappointed, to I could do drill. Teams, strong, quick aggressive transition I think. Could be tough This early for a. Noblesville team that's ninety three WBZ's Bob level the host of. Indiana sports talk that game kicks off tonight at six. The second game. Of. That double header featuring, Hamilton southeastern and Lawrence..

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