Heart Cancer, United States, CDC discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Talked about the great calling for sustainable development and a lot of people are for population reduction. But the scary part is sometimes you cannot replace the population. And if you don't replace the population, you lose a lot of vital things, you lose culture. You lose. People who can work you lose architects. You lose great minds because of the fact that we see more and more people that we contribute to the culture dying on. I know a lot of people believe that maybe we'd be a lot better off if we have less people on the planet, and there there's such a thing zero population growth, there's. Is also depopulation. There are certain genders have been put forward by the United Nations to discourage population. I was reading today. The CDC made an announcement that with high mortality rates and low birth rates. The United States can no longer sustain a competitive population. Health statistics are showing the population is in ill health and the facility rate is a thirty year low. And if you want to look up at his the CDC founding, it's national vital statistics report as of two thousand seventeen birth rates have fallen sixteen percent below the level needed for American population replace itself. Now team that up with a high mortality rate. Look at the high mortality rate life expectancy is declining in the United States and also in many high income countries worldwide. New lists have gone out of what's killing people. Well, opioids of course, they're saying that the overdose crisis huge because people are losing contact the they become addicted. There are other things some of the well known. The processes and problems create adult. Premature death rates deaths from flew flew has now become a problem, depression, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, all top killers. All of these things. We we look at dozens of diseases of the heart lung cancer. Lung cancer, heart cancer, sorry. Lung cancer, digestive, cancers, heart problems, heart disease cholesterol. All these problems that are happening. And yet they cannot figure out why. This is I mean, they can figure out the the fertility rate, of course. But they're trying to understand why more and more people in midlife are dying editor Lee ages. And there's plenty of conflicting information about how we can beat the problem. You heard Janine in the last hour talking about how she beat her cancer using. Goals in coil silvers and other things like this.

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