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Because he he gave him new nuclear secrets. He did all kinds of deals with them? Let the whole and him and Hillary bows let the outsourcing began let the outsourcing began offshoring, and all that be really started getting into high gear with with Clinton and Nafta courses. An example of that was an offshoring. Yeah, totally get that to China in that case, but to but to Canada and Mexico. Mexico mostly. And Yeah, but I his other assertions are old. or by a few of them, his other ex assertions are old, left, leaning Democrat ideals from the sixty, but I I'm. I'm ignoring recalling calling all the rich people are Republicans. Are All the risk pillar Democrats what if he? said that I'd be more inclined talk about these corporations that are beholden to that Republican Party, are back and forth, and let's talk about them. Know the Hearst Corporation all Democrats Dupont Democrats I mean you can go down the line. They're all democrats. I would argue at least that both parties and I just gotTa think he's right about that. Both parties were more interested in corporate and business interests than small business, interest and the people. They were. Totally disagree the Republican Party is always been promoting the small business ideal. Right, but in reality after Clinton, we got Bush and Bush was a democrat. For All practical purposes..

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