Google, IBM Backtrack on Race-Conscious Fellowships


I'm continuing my discussion of the misdoings and malfeasance of various social media platforms. And now I want to talk about Google. Now what I'm saying about Google to some degree also applies to IBM. Apparently, Google and IBM and I talked about this on the podcast, think about a week or so week or two ago. Established race based scholarship programs. And established them in coordination with many elite universities. The Google program alone was called the Google fellowship. And Google was carrying out this program with Harvard, Princeton, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, duke, NYU, UNC Chapel Hill, Johns Hopkins, I'm Carnegie Mellon. So this is a Google fellowship, and basically under the Google fellowship, if the selection process produced more than two nominees for this for this fellowship, Google required that the next two nominees quote self identify as a woman black African descent, you know, the whole, the whole gamut, trans, LatinX, or person with a disability. But it was essentially a kind of mandatory quota. You have to do this. So these colleges entered into contracts with Google as a requirement. Now, this as it turns out, flatly violates not only the well, gladly vibrate violates a civil rights law that goes all the way back to 1866, which completely bans racial discrimination and contracting. And let's notice that these are contracts between Google and these universities. And then there's also title 6 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bans racial discrimination at federally funded schools, and all these schools, some of them, of course, private, some of them, public, but nevertheless, they all have massive contracts with the federal government and so they fall under the federally funded clause. Now, the free Beacon, the Washington free Beacon, publicized, did an article, which I talked about here on the podcast about this policy on the part of Google. And they also mentioned that IBM has a similar policy IBM had a fellowship program, and it required a mandated that half the nominees of this PhD fellowship program B quote diversity candidates. Now, Google talked, I'm sorry, the Washington free Beacon talked to a bunch of civil rights lawyers when they go, well, these programs are illegal.

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